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Romagnano - Musiello Saluzzo

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Romagnano - Musiello Saluzzo 2-1

In the end, the Romagnano earns us again: the girls of Morganti (under the eyes of Mr. Decaroli, selector of the women's representative) beat the Musiello Saluzzo in the direct fight for 2-1 and increase the gap in the ranking on the second, because Alba has made block in Cuorgnè: 7 are now the points ahead of Alba and Valenza.

Beyond the purely statistical records, it is the strength of the group to leave amazed: even in a moment where the advantage in the standings would imply a minimum of deconcentration, the grenades face the same match and training sessions. Perhaps it is not correct, but now as now, only the Romagnano can lose this championship in which he appears dominant both in the results and in the game.

The lucky ones who see each training are not surprised by seeing the 90 'Sunday and the race with Saluzzo is enriched by a new quality of the Sesian group: the ability to reassemble. Going behind, Fabio Morganti's clubs did not break away, drawing and surpassing Cuneo in the short space of five minutes just before the interval.

Without the disqualified Zaretti, the host master also renounces Bonasia, with Lomazzi leading in despite the physical discomfort. Dominated the first time in terms of size of play and opportunities created, the Romagnano went surprise at a disadvantage to 30 'following a corner action that allowed Barbero to beat Marabelli. The reaction was the best possible because already at the 40 'the premises had reversed the result: at the 35' the usual German ended a choral action with a great shot from the edge, five minutes later was Medina to unlock after a period without nets.

In the second half there was a more balanced match with Romagnano who prevailed in the first 20 'and a Saluzzo came out at a distance in the final, forcing Marabelli to two interventions worthy of his name and a providential rescue on the Bevilacqua line at 93'.

In short, in suffering or in the game, it is a championship that is colored more and more grenade and it is said knowing that these girls, so far priceless, will not run the risk of flying too many feet from the ground, keeping that humility mixed with serenity and fun that for now is the keystone of their positivissima season.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi (46 'De Nicolò), Giannetti, German, Zaquini, Soncin, Piana (85' Cesali), Pella (50 'Mazzei), Medina (80' Tuberga), Bevilacqua, Graziotto. All .: Morganti.

Musiello Saluzzo: Triolo, Giordanino, Dutto, Gardini, Bruno Franco, White, Red, Melifiori (65 'Leone), Barbero, Chialvo, Minetti. All .: Musiello.

Networks: 30 'Barbero, 35' German, 40 'Medina.

Marco Curti

This is the comment by Musiello Saluzzo


Musiello Saluzzo returns from Romagnano with zero points but with the belief that he can play with any other team on a par. The ninety minutes show, in fact, very little difference between the two teams despite the ten points that separate them in the standings. A bit more luck and a greater determination under the door make the tip of the scales propitiate by the leaders. The signing match of the twelfth day sees an exceptional spectator in the stands, the selector of the regional female representative De Caroli. The Romagnano strong part taking advantage of the speed of Medina and the technique of the two offensive wings Bevilacqua and Graziotto, true strength of this team, but the network of advantage does not come and the Musiello becomes more enterprising. Raffaella Barbero wrestles like a tiger against the opposing defense, creating spaces for Minetti and Chialvo who go to the shot from the edge of the area, but not centering the goal. At 31 ° comes the advantage for Chialvo and companions: Minetti corner kick, ball in the center area where Raffaella Barbero solves a melee bagging behind the marvelous Marabelli. The Romagnano reacts with pride pouring into the half green field white but the maneuver has difficulty taking off. It takes the classic "throw of Sunday" to find the draw: German kicks a saliva ball towards the goal, the trajectory of the ball joke the Triolo on the far post. Lucky but well deserved draw. On the wings of enthusiasm the grenade girls also find the net of the advantage to the 42 °: Saluzzo defensive hole, Medina puts the wings and pierces the Triolo out. After a first time full of emotions, the teams go, then, in the locker room on the score of 2-1. The second fraction of the game is marked by balance; the sesiane, strong of the advantage, cleverly maneuver the sphere but the pressing of the most generous Saluzzesi does not tend to decrease. At the 63 ° Medina has the opportunity to close the score but his lob finds a monstrous Triolo that deflects the ball in a corner kick. The great parade of the Triolo provokes a reaction of pride of the saluzzesi that they begin to play forcing the Romagnano in his own area of ​​rigor. The opportunities are flapping and White almost fails to score on Minetti's cross. The same Minetti at the 77 ° pennella a punishment from the left in the "seven" high but the Marabelli stands out flying making a real miracle. Luck does not help the saluzzesi who see another punishment of Chialvo print on the crossbar with beaten goalkeeper. The sesiano technician Fabio Morganti, sniffs the danger and spurs the girls to let fall screaming to gain punishment and pull the breath, the referee listens but does not intervene, luckily the grenade players are more sporting and correct than their mister continuing to play normally without abandoning reprehensible behaviors such as simulation. After this curtain, the last Sesian jolt arrives: at the 88 ° volley of Bevilacqua that splinteres the pole. La Musiello begins the final forcing and just at the 94 ° Raffaella Barbero has the opportunity to equalize but his shot without fail exceeds Marabelli but not Bevilacqua who immolates himself for the cause and saves on the line. The final whistle is a release for the Romagnano who sweated seven shirts to get the best of Musiello: the two teams compliment in midfield while Mr. Morganti rejoices in his way, remarking several times the distance between the two teams. Honor to Romagnano and the players took to the field, for the young coach Fabio Morganti would not hurt a bath of humility, but the compliments go to his girls for the victory obtained on the field.

ROMAGNANO: Marabelli, Lomazzi (46 ° De Nicolò), Giannetti, German, Zaquini, Soncin, Piana (85 ° Cesali), Pella (50 ° Mazzei), Medina (80 ° Tuberga), Bevilacqua, Graziotto. A disp: Bonasia

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Dutto, Giordanino, Gardini, Brunofranco, White, Red (48 ° Franchino), Melifiori (65 ° Leone), Barbero R., Chialvo, Minetti. Available: Laurenti, Brunetti, Armando. All. Musiello

MARKERS: 31 ° Barbero R. (M), 36 ° German (R), 42 ° Medina (R)

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Elena Dutto

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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