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Musiello Saluzzo - Sport Valencia

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And 'the Valenza, indeed, it is especially Silvia Gabba to give the first seasonal disappointment to Musiello Saluzzo.

The Gabba is an exceptional player who has been able to cross the entire defense of Saluzzo thanks to her physicality combined with a remarkable technique. The desire and the determination to the goldsmith is not missing, just four minutes pass and the Amandola chips the post after a nice personal action on the right wing. The Valenza arrives, however, with too much ease in shooting and the net of the advantage comes to the 9 °: cross from the right and the Gabba, left guiltily alone in the center area, signed the 0-1. The reaction of Musiello is immediate and after a conclusion of captain Chialvo a little to the side comes the tie: Rosso imbecca Gardini with a magnificent filtering pass, for the young Saluzzo is a breeze to beat the Ponticelli. We are at 18 ° and the score changes again: 1-1. The joy of the draw lasts, unfortunately, very little: we are at 31 ° when the Pitzalis launches long for Amandola who jumps the Lion first and then eludes the desperate exit of the Triolo that does not find the ball, the host tip has plenty of time to look at the center and serve the Gabba that heels to empty bags. The Valenza could spread two minutes later with a lap of the dell'Amandola, but the Triolo this time is very careful and foils the threat. The score at the end of the first half is 1-2. The second fraction of the game sees the Musiello immediately find the net of the draw, Melifiori sees Ponticelli out of the posts and pierces her with a perfect shot. The game becomes more balanced but the territorial dominance is in favor of the goldsmiths who try in every way to bring home three gold points. The most delicious ball, however, arrives on the feet of Marina Melifiori who from the edge of the area tries again the shot to ride, only a large parade of Ponticelli saves the result. We are at 78 ° and the Musiello comes out, metaphorically, from the field when a general carelessness of the defense of Saluzzo allows the overflowing Gabba to serve the Barral in the middle of the area: stop and immediate shooting on which nothing can Gabriella Triolo. The reaction of Musiello is weak and the Valenza still takes advantage of the 84 ° always with the Gabba jumping the Triolo at the edge of the area and comfortably bags. Now the omelette is made and the Saluzzesi wait only more than the final whistle, which comes after the personal poker of Silvia Gabba who again seats the Triolo and supports the ball of the final 2-5.

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Gardini, Dutto, Leone, Bruno Franco, Bianco, Giordanino (76 ° Minetti), Melifiori, Barbero R., Chialvo, Rosso. Available: Laurenti, Brunetti, Armando, Arnaudo, Barbero M .. All. Musiello

SPORT VALENZA: Ponticelli, Zampieri, Zella, Pitzalis, Tiscione, De Col, Gabba, Amandola, Maderna, Barrale A., Diez. Available: Christmas, Chiarion, Inzerillo, Martinoli, Schillaci, Barrale S. All. Cantone.

MARKERS: 9 ° Gabba (V), 18 ° Gardini (M), 31 ° Gabba (V), 49 ° Melifiori (M), 78 ° Barral A. (V), 84 ° Gabba (V), 88 ° Gabba ( V)

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Ileana Armando

Enrico Manassero
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