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Romagnano is spreading to Aosta

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Romagnano is spreading in Aosta: it is semi-final

Filed the performance certainly not excellent with Borghetto Borbera in the league, the Romagnano thought well to redeem himself in the Piedmont Cup, landing at the semifinals of the event. Victim of turn the unfortunate Aosta that after the 4-0 of the first leg was still dryly defeated for 8-1.

A race that has seen the grenade materialize at most the two occasions in the entire first half, and then spread in the second half, under the blows of Zampieron and Tuberga, who appeared in great shape. If Mr. Morganti wanted answers he certainly had, also because Aosta has honored the commitment for all the minutes 90 and it is only thanks to the Romagnano that the score has taken ultra-tennis proportions.

At the fourteenth different training in as many official commitments, Mr. Morganti adds a couple of unpublished choices: rest turn for Bevilacqua, with Pella, De Nicolò and Cesali starting from the first minute.

In the first half the Romagnano unlocks the situation with a free kick of the "decatleta" Graziotto, at ease in the role of a standing player: only 12 minutes have passed. Aosta does not give up a cent, but at the end of the first half Tuberga (who took over from De Nicolò shortly before) signs the first personal network.

In the second half the grenades spread, driven by "Speedy" Tuberga and "British" Zampieron, who finally make a hat-trick to the head. Di Giovanetto the Aosta network, but above all we signal the great goal in giant slalom of the German "left". 8-1 and the head is already in Casale.

Aosta: Perrin, Ferrando, Fazari, Guersi (86 'Presciani), Dell'Innocenti, Ricella, Glarey (81' Neyrot), Gignetti, Giovanetto (85 'Hiscock), Piccot (63' Bari), Cuoghi (82 'Nicotra).

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi, Giannetti, German, Zaquini, Soncin, Zaretti, De Nicolò (38 'Tuberga), Cesali (46' Medina), Pella (65 'Piana), Graziotto (69' Zampieron). All .: Morganti.

networks: 12 'Graziotto, 41', 55 'and 88' Tuberga, 70 'German, 73', 80 'and 84' Zampieron, 75 'Giovanetto.

Marco Curti

Enrico Manassero
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