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Femm. Alba - Cavallermaggiore

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The Serie C Granda derby between Albese and Cavallermaggiore ends in a draw: a result that is basically just right, which rewards above all the excellent match played by the guests.

The beginning does not see great emotions: the Albese is a bit 'more enterprising, but in the first quarter of an hour becomes dangerous only on punishment with Zabellan and Gallo, both high on the crossbar. At the 13 ° is instead the Belli to be decisive, coming out of the posts with readiness to stop an attacking host launched on the net.

After this occasion the game is played mainly in midfield, without major headaches for the two goalkeepers then, at the 36 ° the Albese takes the lead: the Barbero makes a cross from three quarters, the ball is touched by a host defender and ends in goal for the 1-0.

The recovery opens with the Albese immediately looking for the safety net, but in the first three minutes the Sack twice fails to hit the door from an excellent position. The Cavallermaggiore advances its range of action and becomes very dangerous at the 56 ° with the Pecoraro that from a few steps is lacking dramatically the opportunity for a draw. A minute later Zabellan hits the post directly on a free kick, then an 'Albese in trouble is struggling to stem the hostile guests: at 71 ° a super intervention of Belli denies the draw, which is only postponed by two minutes when the Griglio part in personal action and realizes in solitude the well-deserved 1-1.

In the final the landlords are looking for the flicker to bring home all the mail, but the Bussi in a couple of occasions can not direct the ball between the posts. By the time lapsed, Zabellan is alone in front of the goalkeeper, but the referee blows an inexistent offside and the opportunity fades.

"It was a good match that ended with a well-deserved draw-down at the end of the race with Mr. Barbaro- my girls gave everything, but in front of them they found an excellent Cavallermaggiore that I can do nothing but compliment".

Female Alba: Belli, Ballocco, Manassero, Barbero, Vaschetto, Gallo, Ravine, Pons, Sacco, (73 ° Bussi), Zabellan, Drocco (46 ° Mohammadi). Available to Barbaro: Amerio, Pacchiotti, Cerutti, Dogliani.

Filippo Cervella

This is instead the comment by the Cavallermaggiore


ALBESE: Belli, Ballocco, Manassero, Barbero, Vaschetto, Gallo, Ravine, Pons, Sacco, Zabellan, Drocco. Available: Amerio, Dogliani, Cerutti, Bussi, Pacchiotti, Biondo, Mohammadi. Coach: Barbaro.

Cavallermaggiore: Borgna; Pesante, Straffi, Fasciani, Giordano, Murialdo, Ferrero (65 'Mazzoleni), Graglia, Griglio, Pegoraro, Parola (60' Olivero). A disp: Salvatico, Gazzera, Tosa. Coach: Sapetti.

Networks: 20 'autorete di Giordano, 70' Griglio (C)

A victory and a draw in four days.

After an exciting Piedmont Cup wednesday in which he won a comeback on the Musiello Saluzzo for 3 to 1 thanks to the Olivero network and the double of Ferrero, the Cavallermaggiore faces the Albese al Coppino. Two derby in four days put a strain on the strength of the girls of Mr. Guido Sapetti, which deploys a formation with a single point (Pegoraro) supported by two lateral attack (Ferrero and Griglio) for the most classic of 4-3- 3.

The first half sees the dominance of the formation of the house that creates a game but almost never comes to worry the Giallorero's extreme defender. Zabellan and his companions look for a maneuvered action but it is from a standing shot that the advantage is born Alba: at 20 'minute Barbero puts a ball in the middle on which several players try to intervene but it is Giordano that with a touch of head deviates in his own network displacing the innocent Borgna. The goal extinguishes the ambitions of the team that seems to settle for the advantage and lets slip the remaining part of the first half without pushing the accelerator.

The author and the slow play could bend the legs to the Cavallermaggiore that instead leaves the locker room and faces the second half with an extra gear. Murialdo and companions propose a good kick made of rapid verticalization that puts Pegoraro (twice) and Ferrero face to face with the goalkeeper: but the door of Belli seems bewitched and the draw does not arrive, a bit 'for the skill of the goalkeeper and a bit 'for the lack of implementation of the host team.

Until Griglio, at the 25 'of the second half, does not decide to do everything by himself: he takes the ball out of the area, leads two opponents for a walk and leaves a left that sticks at the intersection of the poles, 1 1 and ball in the center.

The game goes on but there are few occasions, among all a pole of Zabellan on free kick from the edge and a shot by Sara Murialdo on the goalkeeper by a few steps, until the final whistle that closes hostilities.

In four days two derby we said and are two derby that demonstrate the good condition of the Cavallermaggiore that can be said in both the Piedmont Cup and in the Championship.

Roberto Montan

In the photograph: Alessia Griglio author of the draw network

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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