Tuesday, May 26 2020
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Aosta - Femm. Sunrise

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After the first seasonal defeat remedied Wednesday against the Romagnano in the midweek round, the Albese immediately recovered and won the victory against the tough Aosta Le Violette, tamed after a very tactical match. The first part of the race is very balanced, with the guests at the 4 ° dangerous with the Sack but shortly after the 6 °, the Belli, returning after a month from the injury to the nose, must overcome the exit to foil a dangerous local counter attack . At 15 ° and 17 ° Sacco and Barbero are trying to score the goal without luck, at the 26 ° Aosta is instead to go again close to the goal, but on their way confirms a good day on Belli. The Albese maintains the reins of the game without affecting, but the biggest danger of the first fraction comes to an end, when the Belli is perhaps loaded fallally out, the host striker hits a safe shot with an empty net, but miraculously appears on the line Vaschetto that promptly foils the threat. In the shoot the verve valdostana is exhausted and at the same time the entrance of Zabellan gives more incisiveness to the initiatives of Langhe: threatening to attack before the bag 55 ° and then the Drocco on the fly to 64 ° on the assistance of Zabellan, but both without outcome. It seems that nothing can unlock the substantial balance existing in the field but at the 77 ° the Albese passes: from the edge of the area is whistled a punishment in favor of the guests, on the ball presents the Gallo that with a great parabola makes the 1- 0. The Aosta has no more and in the final the Albese could also double, but at the end a good shot by Bussi ends up in the arms of the goalkeeper and the game ends without other jolts.

Female Soccer Dawn: Belli, Ballocco, Dogliani (46 ° Mohammadi), Manassero, Vaschetto, Gallo, Barbero, Pons (62 ° Bussi), Amerio (46 ° Zabellan), Drocco (78 ° Cerutti), Sacco. Available to Barbaro: Pacchiotti.

Filippo Cervella

In the photograph: Martina Gallo author of the victory network

Enrico Manassero
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