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Romagnano, in Alba it is a real undertaking!

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The victory obtained in Alba confirms even more the quality and strength of the Romagnano, able to go out with the full post from one of the most difficult terrain of the group, but above all to beat a direct competitor for the primacy at home.

The grenades did it in what can easily be called the best game of the season, because it was a mixture of technical skill, tactical attention and willpower typical of the group.

After a shrewd first half, in which the Sesiane took care not to take them, letting the hosts out, in the second half the team changed gear, increasing the pace and taking advantage of the exhaustion of the opponent.

As already said before, Mr. Morganti finds himself having to deal with what passes the convent: Soncin suffers a blow to the knee, so it is Giannetti to take his place on the right lane defensive, while Pella is a couple with Zaretti in the median. Surprisingly, the garnet grinder excludes Tuberga and Cesali, preferring from the beginning the greatest tactical dedication in coverage of De Nicolò on the offensive off right.

Alba proved to be a physical team, but at the same time valid and in fact a whole fun game was born: a cross from Medina was the best guest occasion in the first 45 minutes.

In the second half, the "left" of Lomazzi and his companions rose again into the chair: Elena Tedesco found the goal on a free kick (and this is not new) at the 57 ', putting the race on tracks more suited to the Romagnano, after that Tuberga in the interval had detected De Nicolò, in an attempt to give more offensiveness to the team. A parade of Marabelli and a header to the side of the last few minutes were local attempts, made vain by a defense that is confirmed the best in the group with just 2 goals conceded. And with the record always in the pocket despite the Champions League rhythm impressed on the championship with the midweek rounds (next Wednesday there will also be the Piedmont Cup with Aosta).

Sunrise: Mohammadi, Ballocco, Manassero, Barbero, Vaschetto (67 'Cerutti), Gallo, Ravine, Pons, Sacco, Zabellan, Biondo (86' Pacchiotti). All ..: Barbaro.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi, Giannetti, German, Zaquini, Pella, De Nicolò (46 'Tuberga), Zaretti, Medina (83' Cesali), Bevilacqua, Graziotto (87 'Piana). All .: Morganti.

Network: 57 'German.

Marco Curti

In the photograph: the match winner Elena Tedesco

Enrico Manassero
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