Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Musiello Saluzzo - Astisport

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MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Gardini, Dutto, Rosso, Bruno Franco, Bianco, Giordanino, Melifiori (83 ° Leone), Barbero R., Chialvo, Minetti. Available: Laurenti, Barbero M., Armando, Arnaudo. All. Musiello

ASTISPORT: Rotella, De Masi, Ivaldi, Leto, Federico, Salvioli, Froio, Oggero, Marcella, Giazzi, Quadi. Available: Ferrero, Cervellino, Aloi, Gattano, Triani. All. Gullì

MARKERS: 71 ° Barbero R. (M), 81 ° White (M)

Victory suffered for the female Musiello against a tough Astisport. Absent in the ranks of Saluzzo Tania Franchino and Carlotta Brunetti. Saluzzesi in search of redemption after the Sunday draw that has interrupted the streak of consecutive victories.

The training coached by Giuliano Musiello starts well and controls the game in midfield, while the Asti players rely on the long throws of Simona Leto (extraordinary proof) and the speed of Marcella.

Possess ball excellent for Chialvo and companions who fail, however, to be incisive forward where Melifiori and Barbero do not go practically to shoot if not long distance.

The first real opportunity to score comes to the 28 ° and is of the Saluzzo brand: Giordanino falls on the right wing and crosses the center for Raffaella Barbero who, alone in front of the goalkeeper, kicks to the side. A few minutes later only a great intervention by Gabriella Triolo avoids the proverbial saying: "Wrong goal-Gol immediately" deflecting a cross shot by Giazzi in the corner.

The game takes place mainly in midfield and the opportunities are slow to arrive, so ends the first fraction of the game and the score remains nailed on the 0-0.

The second half starts definitely with more speed, both teams want to take home the three points and the game becomes faster.

At the 49 ° the Astisport has the great chance to take the lead: free kick from the edge of the area, is responsible for beating Simona Leto who hits the intersection of the poles. The Asti continue to push and still make themselves dangerous on the developments of a corner that runs through the small area and, fortunately, is not diverted by anyone.

The fear shakes the Musiello that begins to push. At the 63 ° Raffaella Barbero has again a great chance but his shot, dry and powerful, is printed on the post. The game now takes place entirely in the Asti area and the goal of Saluzzo is in the air.

At the 71 ° the Musiello passes, deservedly, in the lead: Giordanino descends forcefully on the right and serves Raffaella Barbero that this time is not wrong punishing the host defender on the far post.

The Astisport tries a timid reaction relying on the long throws prey almost exclusively of the fast Marcella, but Gardini (which does not jokingly speed) is not intimidated.

At the 81 ° Saluzzesi close the contest, after a good choral action, Bianco concludes in goal from the edge of the area, his shot is anything but irresistible, but an evil rebound deceives the Wheel and the ball ends up in network.

Last chance of the match is still for the Saluzzo: Leone turns in the middle of the area and kicks in goal, but his shot hits the pole in full.

On the result of 2-0 the match decreases in intensity and the 90 ° arrives without further jolts.

The Musiello is now at the top of the standings with the Romagnano at 19 points. Chialvo and socie will be busy on Sunday against the dangerous Biellese.

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Giulia Bruno Franco

Enrico Manassero
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