Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Rivese - Musiello Saluzzo

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RIVESE: Stocchino, Cazzato, Dastoli, Melis, Bisignano, Trimboli, Toffetti, Curti, Filipoiu, Cecconello, Contini. A disp: Cella, Mosso, Alfier. Martano trainer

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Gardini, Dutto, Rosso, Brunofranco, Bianco, Giordanino (63 ° Leone), Melifiori, Barbero R., Chialvo, Minetti. Available: Laurenti, Barbero M., Brunetti.

MARKERS: 9 ° Barbero R. (M), 72 ° Curti (R)

It lasts only a week the escape of the female Musiello in the series C regional championship, the leadership remains but in cohabitation with Romagnano and Alba. The formation of Saluzzo starts with a 3-5-2 unscrupulous with the intention of immediately taking control of the game and so it happens. Ready is the Musiello to immediately become dangerous with the Melifiori that from long distance chips the crossbar. The game of Giuliano Musiello's girls is clear and fast, it is often played on the wings and it is from the left side lane that the advantage is born Saluzzo: vertical launch for Minetti who skips the direct opponent and crossed for Raffaella Barbero who checks chest and bag behind Stocchino. The Rivese can not raise the center of gravity of the team and never become dangerous from the parts of Triolo. Chialvo and companions continue to push but not with great intensity and this allows the Turin training to defend themselves with order. At the 34 ° Melifiori goes very close to the 0-2 but his blow to a safe shot is intercepted on the line by Cazzato. At the 40 ° comes the first thrill for the Saluzzesi, Contini runs off well on the right and cross in the center for Cecconello, are a resounding intervention of Triolo save the result. The first time thus ends on the score of 1-0 for the Saluzzesi. In the second fraction of the game the show is not much, the Rivese seeks a draw but almost never fails to arrive in the penalty area of ​​Saluzzo. At the 60 ° the Barbero Raffaella, well imbeccata from Chialvo would have the opportunity to double but badly wasted face to face with the Stocchino. From the 65 ° something changes, the Turinese become more enterprising and break into the right defense of the Musiello. The Curti seems Maradona and churns out repeating crosses. The green white defense is in trouble to take refuge often in the corner, just from a corner comes the draw of the Turinese: low corner on which the Curti pounces that anticipates the lion and bags. On the result of 1-1 the Musiello shakes and tries to get back in the lead. Opportunities are not lacking, the lucidity does: in fact, from the long distance Minetti and Barbero try, but their conclusions end abundantly to the side. The three points could still get to the 93 ° when Melifiori snaps on the offside line, skips the goalkeeper but, unbalanced, kick to the side a little. The game ends in a draw, the streak of victories of the formation of Saluzzo is interrupted, which always commands the classification.

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Manuela Giordanino

Enrico Manassero
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