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Nichelino Hesperia - Musiello Saluzzo

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NICHELINO HESPERIA: Boetto, Savoca, Favarin, Zimmardi, Trafuoci, Castellani, Rubicone, Di Nuzzo, Count, Prelate, Barreca. A disp: Tassone, Mazzarini, Emone. All. Lambiase

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Barbero M., Dutto, Brunofranco, Leone, Franchino, Giordanino, Melifiori (86 ° Armando), Barbero R., Chialvo, Bianco. Available: Laurenti, Brunetti, Peyrache. All. Musiello

MARKERS: 11 ° Zimmardi (NH), 27 ° Melifiori (M), 72 ° Melifiori (M), 83 ° White (M)

It is a victory of character that obtained by the Musiello Femminile at Nichelino; a head and cunning victory, because when the legs do not turn well and the game does not arrive you have to insert the brain and understand how to win.

The match does not start well for Chialvo and companions who, already from the first lines, seem to suffer the greater aggressiveness of the opponents (forced to win to move a ranking that still sees 0 points). The Musiello can not get out of his own half and the Nichelino deservedly passes in advantage to the 11 °: punishment from the right beats the Zimmardi, barrier stops, Triolo motionless and ball in the bottom of the bag. The Saluzzesi shake and start to create some, embryonic, offensive plots that however fail to worry the local defense. The game is still open to any result, the Musiello when the part is definitely bad, you just have to understand when it decides to insert the turbo.

At the first acceleration decided the Musiello equalized: White launches Raffaella Barbero who first offers a wonderful filter for Marina Melifiori that does not break up much and shoves Boetto. A few other initiatives in the first part of the game that ends on the score of 1-1.

The second half has another start for the Musiello, ready to go with a clear opportunity for goals from the Boetto: White skips the direct opponent and leaves alone for 30 meters, serves Raffaella Barbero, beautiful action, beautiful the shot of the tip of Saluzzo, but just as beautiful the parade of the goalkeeper of the house.

Now it is the formation of Saluzzo that commands the operations, there are many shots from the distance of the green white that do not frame the door; up to 72 ° when not only the door is framed, but it is almost disintegrated by the power and accuracy of Marina Melifiori who collects an assist from the left of Raffaella Barbero and in a scissor takes the lead Musiello.

The inertia of the game now hangs totally on the side of Chialvo and companions who want to take home three fundamental points.

The Nichelino loses a little 'head, to pay the cost is the Favarin who protests lively with the referee and earn the way of the locker room in advance. In 11 against 10 Musiello wants at all costs to close the games and succeeds in the 83 ° on a penalty converted by White (mowed Raffaella Barbero in the center area).

The game ends on the score of 1-3 and, thanks to the contemporary draws of Romagnano (1-1 in Aosta) and Alba (3-3 against Givolettese), the Musiello is for the first time, after years of activity, solitary leaders C series, demonstrating an excellent corporate policy and the continued commitment of players who hopefully continue to give us (and take off) great satisfaction.

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Emanuela Bianco

Enrico Manassero
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