Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Femm. Alba - Givolettese

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After the fourth consecutive success won in the midweek round of Wednesday (3-1 at Sanmartinese with networks of Sacco, Zabellan and Pons), the Albese makes the first half misstep of his so far good season and gets a point snatch at home from the irresistible Givolettese. However, the point obtained is positive, considering the fact that the Langs at the 55 ° were below for 3-0.

Ready and after a minute the guests go ahead with a great shot from outside the area, which can be learned for Calavita. The network greatly complicates the plans of Mr. Barbaro but the reaction is there, with two crosses centered by the Sacco, one at 4 ° and one at 11 °. However, the albesi have legs that do not run as usual and the Givolettese manages to have the supremacy in midfield, even touching the doubling of the 20 ° on a free-kick just wide. Around half an hour the landlords try again to straighten the race, but neither the Sacco, nor the Zabellan nor even the Bussi can successfully center the mirror of the door. The recovery opens with the doubling of the guest at the 47 °, then at the 55 ° the resounding 3-0 arrives after a smooth ball in the area of ​​Ballocco.

The race seems to have ended here, but at the moment of greatest difficulty, Mohammadi and his companions take the grit out there and leave it to rest and start again to grind the game. At the 58 ° Zabellan turns a penalty and scores the point of the 1-3 that gives back hope to the landlords then, at the 63 °, a nice combination in speed Bussi-Amerio is ended on the net by the Sacco for the goal of 3- 2. The well deserved draw comes to the 74 ° thanks to Pons, who realizes on the fly on the cross of Biondo. Immediately after the game is suspended for 20 minutes due to an illness to the goalkeeper (fortunately nothing serious), the game resumed and in the final the Albese could also achieve overtaking, but both Bussi and Gallo are not lucky and the match ends with a fair draw.

Women's Soccer Dawn: Calavita, Ballocco (57 ° Biondo), Mohammadi, Dogliani (46 ° Barbero), Cerutti (46 ° Pons), Gallo, Ravina, Vaschetto (52 ° Amerio), Sacco, Zabellan, Bussi. At the request of Barbaro: Drocco, Pacchiotti, Manassero.

Filippo Cervella

In the photograph: Roberta Sacco

Enrico Manassero
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