Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Romagnano - Sport Valencia

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Romagnano, the victory of the heart

Eyes and ears were all on the field in synthetic Romagnano Sesia, where on Sunday was staged the clash of the 3 ° championship day, one of the terrible young Fabio Morganti and the fearsome Valenza, team already valid and greatly strengthened in the summer .

If it is true that the grenades had been pricked during the week for a somewhat colorless test in the Piedmont Cup with the Biella (especially in the first half), then it is right to pay the merits when there are: the victory for 1-0 with the Alexandrine it is entirely of the group, in all respects.

At the start the two teams, leaders together with Saluzzo and Alba, are presented as the two teams to beat in the league, with two atomic attacks and two well-registered defenses. 16 goals made and 1 immediately for Valenza, 14 facts and still remains inviolate for the Romagnano.

As it is logical, it has resulted in a match not exceptional from a technical point of view, but very hard-fought and competitive. The Romagnano comes to the challenge without two pins, the median Giannetti and the defender Zaquini, both unavailable. Mister Fabio Morganti redraws so the team compared to Wednesday night, confirming from the first minute the young Cesali and De Nicolò, with Zaretti in front of the defense, protected by Bevilacqua and returning Pella.

The first part of the race is balanced, with a slight territorial supremacy of Valenza in the first quarter of an hour, but with the Sesians that in the middle fraction undermine the opposing rearguard with lethal starts; the result is a right 0-0, the result of Lomazzi's imprecision and companions. To engage Ponticelli are above all Graziotto and Medina, even if to create the biggest annoyances are the deadly punishments of the German left-handed: first a pole to 14 ', then the cross touched to 23'. Valenza, even from the height of considerable experience, while not undergoing the pressure of the opponent, fails to worry Marabelli, but at 35 'claims the lack of a penalty kick for a foul by De Nicolò.

After escaping the danger, in the Medina recovery a goal scored after a few minutes, then Morganti opts for the relay between Cesali and Tuberga, decisive Wednesday in the current game, while on the other bank Cantone takes away Zella to make room for Inzerillo. The Romagnano grows with the passing of the minutes, but you have to wait for the 72 'to record an opportunity, accomplice Bevilacqua who kicks to the side following a corner action. Another punishment of a little high German precedes the replacement of Graziotto with Piana, decisive to Givoletto.

When it seems that now the 0-0 is written, it is still "Thunderclap", aka Serena Medina, to remove the chestnuts from the fire, exactly as in the Cup: it is the 84 'when one of his shots is deflected, easily knocking Ponticelli . The victory now seems to be done, but in the final Marabelli to understand why the door of the Romagnano in the league is still inviolate: the time trial marks the 87 'when the local defender invents a prodigy to defuse a close head shot of Amandola, lowering its gate again.

So ends 1-0 for the Romagnano that celebrates the defense of the record in the standings ahead of the midweek round, still at home, with Nichelino.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi, German, Cesali (52 'Tuberga), De Nicolò, Soncin, Pella, Zaretti, Medina (86' Loraschi), Bevilacqua, Graziotto (81 'Piana). All .: Morganti.

Sport Valencia: Ponticelli, Zampieri, Christmas, Pitzalis, Tiscione, De Col, Gabba, Amandola, Zella (64 'Inzerillo), Barrale (88' Porzio), Martinoli. All .: Canton.

Markers: 84 'Medina. (in photography)

Marco Curti

Enrico Manassero
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