Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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Alba Femm. - Biellese

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The excellent path of the women's athletes continues that on the friendly ground conquers the third consecutive victory, continuing to score this good start to the season.

Against the Biella area the girls from Barbaro have played a judicious race, less spectacular than other occasions, also because of the heat, but leaving nothing to the opponents.

After a quarter of an hour of study in which very little happens, the premises accelerate and at the 18 ° a rediscovered Pons touches the crossbar; at the 23 ° the Zabellan commits the host on the ground, then to the 25 ° the Sack is alone in the area, but calibrates badly the lob that is lost at the bottom. At the 27 ° the Albese passes: the Sack finds the right corridor for the Pons that, face to face with the goalkeeper, overcomes him with a precise pigeon for the 1-0. The advantage from security to the premises that check easily and at the 42 ° the Barbero imbecca Drocco in the middle of the area, great turn on the fly and great response from the goalkeeper in the corner. At the end of the Sacco could double again, but today is not his day and once again fails to frame the door from a very favorable position.

The recovery opens with great danger for the Langhe, the Orlandin in fact is alone in front of the debutant Calavita but, fortunately for the landlords, does not hit the mirror of the door. After the fright the Albese increases again the pace and at the 60 ° closes the game again with Pons, able to make the most of an assist from Zabellan.

The last half hour sees Manassero and his companions check without worries and so the race closes without more jolts on one side and the other.

Female Alba: Calavita, Ballocco, Mohammadi (37 ° Dogliani), Barbero (73 ° Vaschetto), Manassero, Gallo, Ravine, Pons, Sacco (66 ° Amerio), Zabellan (62 ° Cerutti), Drocco (46 ° Bussi). Barbaro coach. Available: Biondo, Pacchiotti.

Filippo Cervella

In Photography: Romina Pons author of the shotgun

Enrico Manassero
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