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Musiello Saluzzo - Cuorgnè

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Musiello Saluzzo: Triolo - Barbero M. (72 ° Brunetti) - Dutto - Gardini - Bruno Franco - Leone - Red - Melifiori - Barbero R. (91 ° Armando) - Chialvo - Giordanino. Available Laurenti. Musiello trainer

Cuorgnè: Fusco - Calosso - Tumelero - Dreon G. - Dreon M. - Blacksmith - Lake - Plan - Primizio - Reina - Muscella. A disp .: Clingo - Peila - Pedica - Deri - Fornace - Verga. Mustacchio coach

Networks: 7 °, 43 °, 49 °, 84 ° Melifiori, 9 ° Lago, 32 ° and 92 ° Barbero R., 55 ° and 57 ° Primizio, 80 ° and 95 ° Reina.

Goal fair on Sunday in via Grangia Vecchia for the match between Musiello Saluzzo and the newly promoted Courgnè. At the end of the swirl of nets the three points go to the Saluzzesi, who bring home the entire mail after ninety minutes of sweat spent looking for ways to complicate life. The green saluzzesi greens start at the 7 ° with Marina Melifiori who capitalizes at best a corner coming from the right beat by the assistant at the beginning of the championship Elisa Gardini.

They spend a few minutes and the Courgnè finds the way to draw, the lake takes advantage of a chasm in the left defense of Saluzzo and with a cross shot overtakes Triolo.

Chialvo and companions do not suffer the recoil and start to grind game; we are at 32 ° when Raffaella Barbero intercepts a revival of the host defense and face to face with the Fusco pierces her for the 2-1. The Musiello has the ball of the match in hand and still hits the 43 °: free kick beaten by Giulia Brunofranco to bypass the defense, Melifiori still takes advantage of that as a hawk pounced on the ball and still exceeds the Fusco with a lob. The first fraction of the game ends on the result of 3-1.

The second half begins well for the Saluzzo who at the 49 ° seem to close the match permanently, launch of Giordanino again for a ruthless Melifiori who controls beautifully and beats again the host defender.

Perhaps the conviction of having already won the game, perhaps the great heat, but start after the goal of 4-1, twenty minutes of pure madness in the house of Saluzzo that completely leave the initiative to the Turinese that from 56 ° to 80 ° go on the net three times, two with the strong Primizio and one on rigor of Reina. All to be redone then for the green white of Giuliano Musiello who are seen recovering the advantage up to 4-4.

After the storm finally arrives the serene and the Saluzzesi return to play on their levels. Once the moments of madness have passed, Barbero and his friends rush forward to try to (re) win this game. At 84 ° comes yet another advantage of the Musiello: Gardini on punishment brush for the upcoming Melifiori that anticipates the Fusco again and marks his personal poker. The result changes again, the Musiello now leads to 5-4. We arrive without particular jitters at the 88 °: Chialvo leaves on the left and is landed in the penalty area, penalty without appeal, on the disk is presented Marina Melifiori who badly kicked "in the mouth" to the goalkeeper who deflects in the corner. On the developments of the corner itself, the Musiello signs the 6-4 anyway: Gardini fishing Raffaella Barbero on the second pole, the salamander bomber is not enough to support the net. The seven minutes of recovery ended with the useless network of Reina that shortens again, but unnecessarily, the distances.

After this marathon of the goal the girls of Giuliano Musiello will be busy during the week in the return of the Piedmont Cup against Alba (4-2 gone for the Saluzzesi), and Sunday away to Borghetto Borbera.

Andrea Rubiolo

In Photography: Elisa Gardini

Enrico Manassero
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