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Cossato - Rivarolese

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The Serie D Women's Championship started, and our debut was certainly not the best, since unfortunately it coincided with a negative result. But this kind of defeat does not "hurt", in fact, we need immediately to confirm the difficulties we already knew we must meet and then we can work even better in our "growth" of the group, identifying more clearly the various aspects to improve. However, from the first outing it is evident that experience, malice, the ability to manage race situations can neither be invented nor learned in a few weeks ... but we have the time, the will and the tranquility necessary to assimilate notions and experiences that this group, composed of 13 girls "under 20" on a 23 squad athletes, has as its first declared objective for the current season. So no drama for the defeat, and the first thing I would like to remember about this race is the final, with all our team, players and full staff, to greet with applause the large audience that Sunday has filled the tribune of the field " friend "for this Championship, the Municipal of Mottalciata. A deserved applause for the fans who have always encouraged the team and widely reciprocated given the effort lavished in the field ... here, I really would like this type of attitude to become a constant, after the final whistle is nice to be able in any case to accept the verdict of the field and celebrate with their supporters. I promise we will try to do it every Sunday !!! The game for us is starting uphill, the guests have put us in clear difficulty in the first 25 'of the game, during which we can not do anything and the Rivarolese creates at least 3 balls goal. The players who impressed me the most canavesane were Liliana Cojocariu in defense, Ilaria Cappai, mastiff in midfield, and Ana Ilioi, a real point with flakes, fast and powerful underlay. It is the same Ilioi to hit the crossbar with a great shot from outside the 16 'area of ​​the first half. But the guests do not pass, and we can react, creating three occasions in 10 '. First is Selena Milazzo who takes advantage of a corner kicking a few steps, but Chiara Cicconi foils with a big parade (25 '), then at the 35' a wonderful descent on the left of Marta Fanton puts Sabina Morello in a position to finish, but her trip from the small area you print on the cross !!! They spend only two minutes and this time it's up to Stefania Pozzo to hit the crossbar again with a wood on a free kick from the 30 meters. The law of football is merciless, so at the 37 'Ana Ilioi decides a subsequent scrum at corner and makes the net of the host advantage, and then get the doubling (44') on a penalty kick for foul by Cristina Robioglio just inside the area. 0 - 2 at the interval but no desire to give up, because we know we can play much better than expressed in the first 45 '. And in fact, in the second half we reorganize, substitutions and tactical variations give positive results, but we are especially able to react with character, aided especially by our Captain, Stefania Pozzo. Shifted to midfield, she literally took our team of girls by the hand, urging her companions towards a comeback that she started off, realizing the 1 2 network with a free kick from the 25 meters. on which Ciccone can not reach. Thus changes the inertia of the race, the ball is more and more often in our possession, and even without enchanting play a half hour of quantity and flashes of quality, creating some important goal balls. At 55 'a beautiful action involving Sabina Morello and Maria Speranza Levis puts Selena Milazzo in a safe shot, but the goalkeeper rejects the foot. At the 61 'still Ste Pozzo kicks from the limit and commits the extreme guest in a difficult parade. But nothing can Chiara Cicconi on Sabi Morello at 62 ', with our attacker who solves an action born from a corner of Marta Fanton and puts the 2 network in 2 a few steps away ... come back! Another conclusion of Maria Speranza after a counterattack at the 72 ', after which comes the last quarter of an hour race, during which unfortunately we "pay" the sudden and comprehensible drop of Ste Pozzo and Cri Robioglio (both tired and broken), the less lucidity of players such as Viana Elisabetta "Pepe" and the same Sele Milazzo, with the consequent responsibility of the last delicate moments of the match on the shoulders of young and inexperienced girls. So comes the goal of Ilaria Cappai, which at 10 minutes from the end breaks the balance of a score that now seemed to consolidate. Beautiful construction, with a sloping from outside the diagonal area that surprises our Lu Brancaglion under the "seven" ... The time remains to try again, but strength and clarity are gone, even if an intervention by Chiara Ciccone that literally goes to stretch our Sele Milazzo would have deserved a penalty kick that the referee does not grant. Patience, it will be better again. Congratulations to the winners Canavesane, congratulations to our girls, who come out head on, compliments to the public, which we hope always so hot and so numerous.

They took to the field:

RIVAROLESE 2009: Cicconi, Marchello, E. Pasino, Di Stefano, Cappai, Cojocariu, Ilioi, Bergo, Crotti (Muniz from 55 '), Perino, Valesano (Vassallo from 46'). Available: Scalvazio, Pasino F. Coach Pasino

COSMED FOOTBALL 2010: Brancaglion, Robioglio, Fanton (Zordan from 78 '), Viana, Toniolo, Pozzo, Milazzo, Schiavinato (Graziola from 86'), Morello, Levis, Boscaro (Calandra from 46 '). Available: Clement, Atzori, Vidale. Coach: Trademarks / Viglione

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