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Carrara 90 - Musiello Saluzzo

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MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Leone, Gardini, Brunofranco, Barbero M., Chialvo, Giordanino, Rosso, Minetti (79 ° Laurenti), Barbero R. (67 ° Armando), Melifiori. All. Iacovelli

MARKERS: 21 ° Melifiori (M), 26 ° Melifiori (M), 51 ° Melifiori (M), 58 ° Giordanino (M), 67 ° Chialvo (M), 76 ° Melifiori (M), 86 ° Melifiori (M)

In the best way it starts the football season of the Musiello Femminile which liquidates the newly promoted Carrara with the peremptory score of 0-7. Michele Iacovelli sits on the bench for the first time: Mr. Giuliano Musiello was, in fact, hit by a serious family loss, the disappearance of his brother Mario, also a former high level player. Let's go back to the football played, legs packed by the preparation and hot asphyxiating on the playing field in synthetic turf of Turin means that the match begins slowly. It is the team from Saluzzo that, however, proves to have the ball of the game and sinks when it hurts. At 9 ° Minetti's perfect cross for Gardini that impacts on the fly with a sure shot, the ball, however, is shattered on the post with the despair of the green-white midfielder. The goal of the advantage is in the air and arrives at the 21 °, corner kick for the Saluzzesi, melee in the area and the fastest is Marina Melifiori that with a twist from pure bomber brings ahead the Musiello. A few minutes later the Saluzzesi doubled: Raffaella Barbero's great launch from midfield to overtake the defense, Melifiori controlled the head and with a spectacular scissor slipped the opponent's extreme defender on the long pole. The first fraction of the game ends on the result of 0-2. The script in the second half does not change, the Musiello begins to grind game and at the 51 ° arrives the third seal of Marina Melifiori that prompted by Elisa Gardini exceeds the opponent goalkeeper. On the result of 0-3 the Carrara melts like snow in the sun and the Musiello flies. A few minutes after corner in favor of the green white, still beats an overflowing Gardini, a ball that travels fast on the first pole where Manuela Giordanino impacts with the head and signs the number four goal of the day. At the 67 ° Chialvo makes one of his goals, starts from the midfield of the field, skips two opponents and exceeds with a touch under the goalkeeper out. Thus we find ourselves on the result of 0-5. The Musiello is not satisfied and continues to press on the accelerator, good for the Melifiori that prompted by the Red is again face to face with the opponent's extreme defender and pierces him with a strong and precise diagonal, thus signing his fourth network of the day. But the beauty has yet to come for the "white bowl" green, which also scored his fifth personal network at the 86 °, Gardini (still she) is invaded on the right wing and brush a cross to the kiss for Melifiori who gets up the ball is overturned and pierces the door of Turin, leaving spectators and opponents gaping. A day to be framed by the boletus from Saluzzo who is trying to find continuity of performance. The match then ends on the score of 0-7. La Musiello is in spite of injuries (Peyrache, Zucca) and absences (Bianco, Dutto, Brunetti). Next Sunday the Courgnè, dominator of the last season of series D, will visit the green white; kick-off at 15.

Andrea Rubiolo

Enrico Manassero
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