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Match without history and Cit Turin passed 6-0 at Augusto Manzo of Alba.
There was no match today between Area Calcio and Cit Turin, too much the difference between the two teams. Lots of opportunities for the hosts, of which only about a third have been exploited. The guests, however, have never been able to worry Perrone.

After a goal canceled at Navello for handball in the 7th, the area goes to 15 ° with Sciolla who receives the ball from Ballocco, sees the goalkeeper badly positioned and mocks him at the near post.
The doubling at the 20th brings the signature of Flou which transforms a punishment from the limit after having procured it.
Put the result in the safe, the Area creates many opportunities, but Navello, Sciolla, Rizzo and Ciravegna do not transform them, a little for inaccuracy and a lot for the saves of the visiting goalkeeper Villata.
At the beginning of the second half, Rolando and Giordana change three elements and after an occasion by Flou at the 48th it is Accomo who finds the crossing of the 25m right poles at the 55th.
At 63 ° a restart leads Ciravegna to kick from the edge of the area and score the 4-0 at the edge of the pole.
At 79 ° Navello filter ball for Pio who kicks, but Villata is saved in the corner.
One minute after Ciravegna in slalom, Villata still in the corner; from the corner head of Bozzoli and a defender saves on the line.
Finally at the 85th a launch of Bozzoli is exploited to perfection by Navello who crosses the shot and signs the final 6-0.
Sunday, the last day of the regular season and the Area will defend third place in the group at the home of Borghetto Borbera who, at one point, chases the Albese.

ASD SOCCER AREA ALBA ROERO: Perrone, Ballocco (from 46 ° Verrua), Guza, Accomo, Rizzo (from 67 ° Tatani), Giraudo (from 46 ° Lioia), Sciolla (from 60 ° Pio), Casetta (from 46 ° Bozzoli), Navello, Ciravegna, Flou. Chicco available. Coach Mr. Davide Rolando.

ASD CIT TURIN LDE: Villata, Carlevaris, Found, Manglaviti, Bucci, Lombardi, Scanferla, Buson, Sodero, Charlemagne, Rosso Pognant. At disposal Benedetto, Lopresti, Pia, Lopez Vergas, Troncale, Comune. Coach Mr. Pietro Sereno.

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