Romagnano - Tronzano

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We will decide everything on the last day, even if it will only serve to define the positions of the playoff grid.

And Romagnano will be the team that will live on the eve with greater uncertainties: he can arrive first if he wins the direct clash of Ivrea, he can remain second if he draws him, he can go down to third place if he loses. What is certain is that the grenades did not make any discounts at Tronzano, as was logical to expect. The game played on the banks of the Sesia, with the Romagnano who ran from half an hour onwards, left without history. Veronese's hat-trick (climb to the top of the top scorer table with 19 goals) and the first seasonal goals scored by Borello and Ravelli, as well as the seasonal debut of goalkeeper Alessandra Gallo.

Romagnano: Gallo, Borello (25'st Berzero), Giannetti, Di Piero, Femia (20'st Somaglino), Cervellin (1'st Zampieron), Veronese (36'st Dos Santos), Curatitoli, Briasco (10'st Ravelli), Pella, El Akri. Available: Brancaglion. All .: Sacks.

Tronzano: Massardi, Tosi, Cagnoni, Favre, Pinton, Ferrari, Fistolera, S. Ech Chabi, Salussolia, H. Ech Chabi, El Azhari. Available: Boselli. All .: Pacillo

Referee: Timpano of Novara.
Goals: 8 'Veronese, 21' Veronese, 35 'Veronese, 9'st Zampieron on rig., 10'st Zampieron, 14'st Curatitoli, 24'st Borello, 26'st Curatitoli, 35'st Ravelli.

Female Romagnano Press Office

In the photograph: Daiana Zampieron

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