Cavallero: "football is part of me"

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Giulia Cavallero, for all "red", part of the Acf Alessandria Under 15 team, will audition on Juventus on Monday 17 February.

Red, there will be an audition for Juventus on Monday 17 February, what are the sensations?
I hope I can get excellent results, I hope to grow both as a person and as a footballer and improve thanks to this audition. My desire is to join Juventus because Juventus Women is the dream of every girl who plays football but I would be sorry to leave Alexandria which is like a second home.

Intense period: before the audition with Juventus the Selection with the Under 15 Representative
This selection allowed me to grow professionally and gave me the opportunity to meet new players and I had the opportunity to make new acquaintances, new friendships with girls from other teams such as Aurora with whom a beautiful friendship was born.

How is the season of the ACF Under 15 team going?
We are in sixth place in the standings and we are achieving excellent results. On Sunday we have an important match against Fossano and we hope to be able to get the result or, at a minimum, the draw and to succeed, as had happened in the first leg, to be able to attack well. I personally hope to be able to go online.

How was the passion for football born?
I have always had a passion for football. I started in the family with my cousin and now football is part of me.

Paolo Baratto
Acf Alessandria press officer


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