Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The Albesi find it hard to find the goal in the first half, closed with the minimum advantage, to close 4-0 with Giovanile Centallo.

In the last game of the year, played at the Augusto Manzo in Alba, the girls of Rolando-Giordana pass extensively, but they have a lot of time to close the practice, in the presence of a Centallo well disposed in the field.
The area in reality never risks anything and after at least four clear occasions, not exploited for own demerit or for merit of the goalkeeper, it passes to the 30 ° with captain Bozzoli, good to exploit the imbucata of Giacosa and to beat Pettiti in exit with a low shot.
After the advantage the landlords refiatano, leaving a little space to the opponents who do not create anything dangerous. We go to rest.
In the second half, after a period of play essentially in midfield, the Area resumed the thread of the conversation and doubled to the 69 ° again with Bozzoli who with a lob overtook the goalkeeper taking advantage of a good launch of Accomo.
At the 78 ° comes the third goal with Flou, good at turning the assist of Navello on goal from the ground.
Finally, at the 86 ° captain Bozzoli turns into an advocate and finds the appointment with the help of the crossbar.
The Championship goes dormant, at the beginning of February it will recover but with the return of the first round of the Cup: the Albesi will be called to defend the 3-1 of the first leg, on the field of Borghetto Borbera.
Happy holidays to all from companies, staff and athletes!

ALBA ROERO FOOTBALL AREA: Chicco (from the 46 ° Perrone), Guza (from the 55 ° Navello), Sciolla, Giacosa (from the 46 ° Accomo), Ballocco, Giraudo, Bozzoli, Casetta, Rizzo (from the 77 ° Pio), Pasero (from the 60 ° Sonnati), Flou. Available Lioia, Verrua, Ciravegna, Taliano. Coach Mr. Davide Rolando.

YOUNG CENTURY 2006: Pettiti, Mondino, Riberi, Drago, Rinaldi, Picco, Casavecchia, Bongiovanni, Pelosi, Viglione, Pisu. Available Riberi, Chesta, Maganza, Cometto, Ballatore, Dutto, Blangetti. Ms. Sonia Bertoloni trainer.

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