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Press release Fossano Women

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In the field only the Under 12 and Under 15 teams, the Juniores match in Vercelli not played
Elisa Chiaramello replaces the resigning Rocco Vitale at the head of the Under 12


The path of the Under 12 led by Corrado Croce, assisted by Andrea Marengo, continues on Saturday's home match against San Bernardo Luserna.
In fact, during the week the resignation of technician Rocco Vitale had arrived, welcomed by the company and after the interlude of Croce, he will sit on the bench of the Italians, Elisa Chiaramello.
The Fossano Women starts strong by putting the Turin defense under pressure under the blows of Elena Gandolfo (double), Annachiara Caselli and Nicole Sarale, the latter forced to leave the field at the end of the first half and not make it back for the clash immediately in the shoot out with the opposing goalkeeper (4-0).
A white nets the second portion of the game, while in the last twenty minutes go up again in the chair, the "blues" and the partial is 3-0, by virtue of the networks of Giulia Arossa, Elena Gandolfo and Matilde Gonella.
The prerogative of the San Bernardo Luserna is to shoot out.
This concludes the autumn phase (the Fossano Women rests on the last day), now the tournaments and friendlies will start, starting as early as next weekend (Saturday and Sunday) with the Cold Fair Tournament organized by Pedona Calcio.
Also on Sunday, instead, the friendly with Vado Fc will be staged in Ceva, thanks to the invitation of the men's companies Ama Brenta Calcio Ceva, Bagnasco Calcio and Garessio Calcio.


Success also for the Under 15 team at the Stadio Angelo Pochissimo against Novese.
The girls of Giovanni Piccardo and Elisa Chiaramello right from the start, already channel the race on the right tracks as confirmed by the result in the first two times: 5-0 goals from Valentina Cozzo (double), Martina Macagno (double) and Martina Dematteis.
Fought the last twenty minutes with the good guests to exploit some smears of the landlords who quickly climb the slope dragged by a wild Dematteis (4 networks) and by the excellent Macagno (10-2).
Saturday trip to Turin against Real 909.


In Vercelli, the formation of Enrico Morengo and Noemi Ferrero failed to take the field due to the heavy rain which made the playing field impracticable forcing the race director, after the inspection with the two captains, to postpone the race.
Pending the date of recovery, next Sunday Fossano Women will face the San Bernardo Luserna at the Pochissimo Stadium (14,30 hours) on the first day of return.

Fossano Women Press Office

In the photo above the Under 12 team

0UNDER15 18 11 2019

Under 15 team


Martina Macagno - Martina Dematteis - Valentina Cozzo

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