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Good proof of the Albese who scored five goals and failed at least as many.
The Area leads the game for the ninety minutes, creating a lot and giving only one chance to the opponents.

Already at the 8 °, the girls of Rolando / Giordana pass with captain Bozzoli who comes before an excellent Zini and beats her at the near post.
The doubling arrives at the 23 ° with Flou which transforms a penalty awarded for knockdown by Bozzoli.
The rest of the first half is characterized by four clear opportunities for the Area (Sonnati, Bozzoli and Flou) and one for the Racco.
At the beginning of the second half Chicco is forced to leave the playing field in Perrone, due to an accidental blow to the face.
Three minutes later Flou passes the goalkeeper and makes 3-0.
At the 56 ° Casetta, author of a thick test, he hits the top of the crossbar with a right from the outside and four minutes later Favole forces the goalkeeper into a corner.
At the 67 °, a launch of Giraudo is still capitalized by Flou who realizes his hat-trick with a lob.
After a goal disallowed by Bozzoli for offside (78 °), Ciravegna closes the game at the 87 °, with a blow from outside that catches the crossbar and bounces on the back of the innocent Zini, finishing in the net: welcome back home in Area, Pasero.
Sunday for the Area there will be the transfer of Saluzzo in the Musiello house.

ASD SOCCER AREA ALBA ROERO: Chicco (from 50 ° Perrone), Guza, Sciolla (from 70 ° Lioia), Giacosa (from 75 ° Ciravegna), Verrua, Giraudo, Bozzoli (from 81 ° Taliano), Casetta, Sonnati (from 61 ° Pasero), Fables , Flou. Available Accomo M., Tatani, Accomo S. Trainer Mr. Davide Rolando.

ASD RACCO '86: Zini, Allasia, Pierro, Camerlengo, Barbero, Giordano, Rolfo, Elia, Bertinetto, Pace, Albertengo. Lo Iacono, Lumicisi, Goria, Giaretti, Lamberto, Friselle, Testa are available. Coach Mr. Davide Mollica.

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