Friday, 15 May 2015
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2-2 ends the challenge between the third forces of group B. Beautiful game, full of goals and emotions that keeps the positions in the standings unchanged.

The first half does not record signatures; the Area is preferred on the level of the game and creates three situations with Casetta, Bozzoli and Navello, but the goalkeeper, always attentive, is also saved with the help of his defense.
The Borghetto is very compact and looks for long balls that create some apprehension for the Albanian defense. The guests also take a pole at 42 ° with Chicco battuta.
The recovery sees a more enterprising Borghetto, but after a miracle of the goalkeeper on Casetta (58 °) and a header by Bozzoli that does not frame the goal (61 °), the Area goes to the 73 ° with the same House, which receives from Sonnati on the right, returns to the left and beats the goalkeeper under the crossbar.
A minute passed and a long throw for Pozzato in suspect offside, but judged regular by the referee, allowed the attacking host to overtake Chicco with a lob.
The Area suffers the blow and at 80 ° a defensive injury still allows Pozzato to bring his own on the 1-2.
The Area tries everything for everything, the Borghetto defends itself well and looks for the restarts, but in the recovery the race director sees a contact on Bozzoli in the penalty area and decrees the penalty that Verrua, with the usual calm, transforms.
There is no more time and the teams gain the locker rooms, putting the verdicts to Borghetto's challenges, both in the league and in the cup.
Next Sunday, another home challenge for the area that will host the Racco '86.

ASD SOCCER AREA ALBA ROERO: Chicco, Favole (from the 73 ° Accomo), Sciolla, Giacosa, Verrua, Giraudo, Bozzoli, Casetta, Navello (from the 63 ° Sonnati), Ciravegna, Flou. Perrone, Guza, Ballocco, Lioia, Taliano, Tatani are available. Coach Mr. Davide Rolando.

ASD BORGHETTO FOOTBALL GIRLS: Messina, Robbiano, Tasca C., Pinasco, Belloni, Licciardo, Porrata, Pozzato, Abondi, Roveda, Ponta L. Available to Rosa, Dabusti, Soncin, Fossati, Tasca B., Traverso, Ponta S., Rolando, La Pina . Coach Paolo Augusto Bisio.

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