Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The Albesi suffer for a time, then take the measures to opponents and the pitch and pass with seven goals to Centallo.
The Soccer Area returns to success after two rounds and does so for 2-7, on a small field and against aggressive opponents.

Formation remodeled from injuries that of the Rolando-Giordana couple; many initial novelties that did not regret the absent ones.
The game is unlocked after just 8 minutes thanks to a Sciolla free-kick that ends up under the crossbar.
At the 18 ° Bozzoli doubles thanks to a nice suggestion from Casetta.
At the 33 ° Bongiovanni shortens the distance transforming a penalty that only the race director sees.
Same situation at the 38 ° when Sonnati brings the Area to the double advantage, with a rigor to say the least generous.
In the second half, after a cross splintered by Ciravegna, Pisu exploits an indecision of the Albese rearguard and brings his own back to the 57 °.
From this moment the Centallo suffers the fury Area that is unleashed at the 67 ° with Ciravegna that guesses the right angle exploiting a suggestion of Sonnati. Three minutes later, Favole just entered, after a breakaway on the left, rejoins on the right and makes the goalkeeper dry at the near post.
At the 74 ° Ciravegna still commits the goalkeeper and Favole scores his personal double-win on the rebound. Finally at the 83 ° Sciolla still signs the definitive 2-7 with a shot not held back by the goalkeeper.
Good result, given the difficulties of training and the two burning defeats suffered in the previous rounds.
During the week we will continue to work to improve and on Sunday another insidious trip to the field of Cit Turin.

ASDG CENTALLO 2006: Pettiti, Mondino, Beccaria, Drago, Rinaldi, Bongiovanni, Viglione, Gallinari, Pelosi, Maganza, Pisu. Riberi L., Riberi I., Dutto, Cometto, Chesta, Tinella, Ballatore, Blangetti are available. Ms. Sonia Bertoloni trainer.

ASD SOCCER AREA ALBA ROERO: Perrone, Guza (from the 50 ° Lioia), Sciolla, Giacosa, Ballocco (from the 72 ° Verrua), Giraudo, Bozzoli, Casetta (from the 69 ° Fables), Sonnati (from the 73 ° Flou), Ciravegna, Navello (from the 79 ° Taliano ). Available to Chicco and Rizzo. Coach Mr. Davide Rolando.

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