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Although the result would have been the fairest result, the match was decided by an episode.
Intense, balanced, hard-fought match, with zero scoring opportunities in the first half and little more in the second half.

The area came from the defeat with the Carrara, the Luserna leader was in front of it and for the most part in formation it was largely remodeled.
In spite of everything, the girls of Rolando and Giordana, offered a test of pride and courage, playing good football, going undeservedly and risking to draw in a couple of occasions.
After a first half with no scoring chances, at the 50 ° Chicco is called to reject a shot from the edge that Sciolla definitely dismisses.
The Luserna takes the field and at the 64 °, a low cross from Prencipe crosses the entire mirror of the Albese door.
Three minutes later the Turinese pass: in a contrast Ciravegna remains on the ground in pain, the race director does not stop the game, the Luserna does not even start the counter-attack that allows Prencipe to beat Chicco.
Having taken the lead, the leaders suffer the return of the Area which desperately seeks the right balance.
At the 79 °, a ball from Navello puts Bozzoli in a position to beat Olivetti, but the home striker does not get there for anything and a minute from the end Navello untangles Bozzoli caught in offside millimeters.
0-1 ends, congratulations to the leaders for the primacy, but the awareness remains that for the Area the path of growth and maturation of the young continues, unfortunately also through such defeats.
Next Sunday the Italians will be on the field at the del Centallo, to try to start again to score points.

ASD SOCCER AREA ALBA ROERO: Chicco, Verrua (from the 76 ° Accomo), Sciolla, Giacosa, Ballocco, Giraudo, Navello, Casetta, Sonnati (from the 49 ° Tagliano), Ciravegna (from the 71 ° Bozzoli), Fables. Perrone, Guza, Lioia, Pio are available. Coach Mr. Davide Rolando.

SSD SAN BERNARDO LUSERNA CF: Olivetti, Stranieri, Capello, Archina ', Botta, Prencipe, Ara, Ippolito, Leone, Savino, Beccaria, Chiappino, Saito, Seren Rosso, Azzan. Coach Mr. Simone Vaccino.

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