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In the first round of the Italian Cup the Albesi dominate the match for 90 minutes, but at the end they concede to the guests the goal of the flag.

In the first official engagement of the 2019 / 20 season, the Calcio Area offers a great performance and realizes three goals, creating much more.
Teams still running in, but the landlords seemed decidedly superior to the Alexandrians.
Lots of opportunities in the first part of the game, a crossbar at the 7 ° of Fables and the goal of the advantage at the 40 ° with captain Bozzoli, good at stealing the ball, skipping the goalkeeper and depositing the 1-0 on the net.
Shooting with the same script and a deadly two between the 71 °, Sonnati's penalty for foul on the same and the 73 °, with Rizzo being ready on Ciriotti's suggestion, after a good choral action.
At the 90 ° the network of Cecilia Tasca's flag that exploits the area's unique defensive inattention.
Next Sunday it is already championship and the Football Area will be engaged on the ground of the Racco '86.

ASD SOCCER AREA ALBA ROERO: Chicco, Favole, Rizzo, Sciolla (from the 70 ° Verrua), Ballocco (from the 70 ° Lioia), Giraudo, Bozzoli (from the 56 ° Sonnati), Casetta, Navello (from the 46 ° Ciriotti), Flou, Ciravegna (from the 61 ° Accomo ). Guza available. Coach Mr. Davide Rolando.

FG BORGHETTO BORBERA: Messina, Tasca Cecilia, Pinasco, Belloni, Licciardo, Porrata, Soncin, Roncoli, Abondi, Roveda, Ponta Laura. Fossati, Robbiati, Dabusti, Pozzato, Tasca Beatrice, Traverso, Ponta Serena, Rolando, Lapina are available. Coach Augusto Paolo Bisio.

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