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Baveno - Romagnano

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Let's start with a necessary clarification. The Romagnano chose in the summer to regain its reputation in the championship of Excellence: a choice as thoughtful as it was painful and necessary.

He had no alternative, because for the first time in so many years there will be only one team on the banks of the Sesia: better to reset everything, starting with those who have decided to still wear the garnet shirt (it is the case of authentic pillars like Giannetti, Scalcon, Femia, Pella, Lanza and Zampieron) and the consolidation of an intact leadership for many years.
No move in the market, but the well-deserved promotion of those who have distinguished themselves with the second team. This is the case of Manuela Curatitoli, too often conditioned by injuries, but now finally ready to make her contribution in midfield. That said, after three weeks of preparation and as many unsatisfactory friendlies, the first signs of growth were seen in the last test with Novara's Under 17. A growth confirmed by the test on Saturday night in the anticipation of the first round of the Italian Cup in Baveno: once again the grenades suffered in the first half, but they went out to the distance bending the adversaries especially on the level of the athletic estate. Praise however to the lacuali who, although in the first year of activity, immediately showed important qualities to do well.
Among the great protagonists, the former round Martina Cerini: two seasons delighted the Sesian fans in Serie B with her play, on Saturday she repeated herself with a brace. First a conclusion from the top of the area with a trajectory of his (3 '), then doubling from a few steps using the perfect assist of the other ex Rovereti (44'). In the midst of the stroke of genius of El Akri (13 '), able to see Godio out of goal and to get the winning lob. In any case, in the first half more Baveno than Romagnano and not only in the score. Then the recovery in which Sacchi decides to focus on Borello in place of the limping El Akri: he benefits from Martina Puricelli who at 8 'draws with a sensational play, made of elegant control on the edge of the area and unthinkable conclusion under the crossbar. Then the joker caught at the 15 'by Di Piero that from the area of ​​the benches brushes a punishment that slips right under the crossing of the poles despite the desperate attempt of Godio. Finally, the sips of Veronese, entered in the second half but unable to round off the result. A good omen for the start of the championship scheduled for Sunday at home against the Pontostan Val d'Aosta.

Baveno: Godio, Ottone (33'st De Regibus), N. Cerini, Soveleto, Oberoffer, Ferrucci, Rovereti, Betlamini, Zaretti (13'st Masson), M. Cerini (24'st Frisardi), Di Caprio. Available: Ferraro, La Mura, Trincherini. All .: Pissardo.

Romagnano: Brancaglion, Cervellin (5'st Borello), Giannetti, Di Piero (20'st Briasco), Scalcon, Lanza, Puricelli, Curatitoli, Briasco (20'st Zampieron, Pella, El Akri (1'st Veronese). Available: Masto, Dos Santos, Femia, Luga, Saglietti, Rinolfi, All .: Sacchi.

Networks: 3 'M. Cerini (B), 13' El Akri (R), 44 'M. Cerini (B), 8'st Puricelli (R), 15'st Di Piero (R).
Notes: Ammonite Puricelli, Betlamini, N. Cerini.

Female Romagnano Press Office

In the photograph of Giulia Liberti: Elena Di Piero

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