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With a goal in time, the Carrara '90 deserves access to the final on Sunday.
The Carrara '90 had only one result available, victory and victory was. The girls of the house did what their legs and mind still allowed, unfortunately the injuries and the adversaries meant that the dream did not come true, so honor Carrara '90 and good luck for the final.

After a good start, the area gives space to the opponents who pass to the 19 ° on a free kick.
The Carrara becomes dangerous on other occasions and Chicco, at the 42 °, performs a double miracle on the attacking opponents.
In the second half the Turinese doubled at the 56 °, with a low shot that slipped to the edge of the pole.
The Area tries to react and after a fairly clear penalty, denied by a crash by Bozzoli, the opposing goalkeeper performs a real miracle on a shot from close range by Ferrero, turning in a corner (60 °).
Mr. Ferrero tries to change the cards on the table but the game ends with the 0-2 for the Carrara '90.
The area closes here and gives an appointment to everyone for the next season, trying to improve the results obtained this year both in Excellence and in Juniores.

FEMALE FOOTBALL AREA: Chicco, Fables (from 64 ° Sciolla), Musso (from 88 ° D'addio), Giraudo, Ballocco, Giacosa (from 58 ° Rizzo), Ferrero, Gallo (from 75 ° Giordano), Bozzoli (from 85 ° Marchiaro ), Pasero, Flou. Available Perrone, Galle ', Figone, Tatani. Coach Mr. Davide Ferrero.

CARRARA '90 FEMININE: Caravilla, Sacco, Longo, Bonanno, Daniele, Paire, Zabellan, Poltronieri, Cattaneo, Minniti, Gueli. At disposal Giovannini, Falbo, Petrelli, Calabrese, Poltronieri, Bullaro, Gandiglio, Tortia. Ms. Paola Carofalo trainer.

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