Friday, 15 May 2015
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The Albesi beat the Superb Genoa and closed the regular season in place of honor.
Match with no particular significance, if not for the guests, the one played today at Renzo Saglietti of Alba, on a very hot day.

The landlords pass already after 20 seconds, with Ferrero suprera the outgoing goalkeeper with a lob, on the initial launch of Captain Gallo.
At the 10 ° Fables' cross on Pasero's cross and at the 19 ° doubling of Figone on a free kick that deceives the goalkeeper.
The double advantage and the heat turn off the Area and the Superb takes advantage of it making itself seen from the parts of Perrone, shortening with Pappalardo on punishment, to the 38 °.
Fatigue and heat make the recovery even less exciting, the game drags wearily without particular emotions except for two expulsions (one on each side), considered excessive in an absolutely correct match.
Fifty-three points, the result of 17 victories, 2 draws and a single defeat, were not enough to win the championship, because the Alexandria showed itself a steamroller and deserved the final victory.
The Soccer Area will look for "a place in the sun" through the play off. Next Sunday the first challenge from inside or out, at Renzo Saglietti of Alba the Lascaris will arrive.

FEMALE FOOTBALL AREA: Perrone, D'Addio (from 46 ° Giacosa), Musso (from 60 ° Bozzoli), Ballocco, Verrua, Figone, Ciravegna, Gallo (from 86 ° Vola), Fables (from 46 ° Marchiaro), Pasero, Ferrero. Available Chicco, Galle ', Tatani. Coach Mr. Davide Ferrero.

SUPERB FEMALE FOOTBALL: Bandini, Coli, Del Verme, Accardo, Moscamora, Montali, Aloi, Brucci, Pappalardo, Mastrangelo, Longo. Accardo available. Mr. Maurizio Malusa 'coach.

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