Friday, February 28 2020
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Match balanced and decided by a shot from Marchiaro. The Area returns from Vado Ligure with three points, obtained with determination in the presence of a well-disposed team that certainly does not deserve the current ranking.

The first half was certainly a Vadese brand, with the Area taking half an hour to get into the game, never engaging the goalkeeper.
Second time decidedly better for the girls of Mr. Ferrero who raise the center of gravity and force the opponents in their half.
Fables goes close to scoring at the 54 °, but the goalkeeper says no.
The Area goes to the 72 °, with Marchiaro exchanging with Ferrero and kicking the crossbar, the ball rebounds and ends up in the net.
The landlords look for the same, but it is the Area, on the counterattack, that creates some apprehension until the final whistle.
Next Sunday rest for Gallo and companions, before the last home game of the 2 June, with the Superb Genoa and before the start of the playoffs scheduled for Sunday 9.
A special greeting to Chiara Rizzo, who returned today after many months of bad injury.

VADO FC 1913: Parodi, Papa, Bernat, Viola, Salvo, French, Ymeri, Danese, Valle, Bonifacino, Levratto. Available Viglietti, Di Crescenzo, Cerruti, Davanzo. Ms. Nadia Galliano coach.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Chicco, Musso, Sciolla (from 86 ° Vola), Ballocco, Galle ', Figone, Ferrero, Gallo, Favole (from 89 ° Rizzo), Flou, Marchiaro (from 73 ° Bozzoli). Braggio, Giraudo and Tatani are available. Coach Mr. Davide Ferrero.

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