Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Alassio - Saviglianese

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Alassio - Saviglianese 1-2
The rossoblu of Mr. Grammaldo on stage on the synthetic of Alassio, with a new formation, showing a good team game and surprises.

At the minute 9 'Tolupova, in his first as a starter, tries the shot from distance but goes off to the side; a minute later Elia puts a low ball into the middle on which Caula pounces: however, the home defender finds an unfortunate deviation in his own goal that allows the Maghe to take the lead: 0-1.
At 27 'a nice shot of the landlord makes the guests flinch, but Vassallo thinks to stretch and take refuge in the corner.
It is still the Rossoblu goalkeeper who must engage in a couple of occasions before the first whistle of the first half: the guests try a lob, Vassallo touches it and slows the run of the ball and it is a fundamental rejection of Riba on the goal line to save the result. The young women of the Alassio show a beautiful game, well rewarded by the Maghe.
The second half begins: Tolupova comes out and Mondino enters.
At the 4 minute the Alassio is immediately dangerous, but the ball ends just outside.
It is the 20 minute when Mandrile, who had just taken over from Tolosano, injured his knee again and was forced to leave the field after a few minutes in favor of Casavecchia, his unfortunate year, which in all probability ended, but in the same action the mistress at home they find the draw in clear offside and take the game on the 1-1.
The girls of captain Giacosa are not there and Elia tries the shot from outside but cannot reach the goal; missing 15 minutes at the end and Casavecchia tries to take the team ahead after a good choral action, without finding luck.
Even the Wizards become dangerous with Elia and Caula, but nothing to do, it seems like a Sunday to break even.
At the 45 the providential intervention of Vassallo that stops the home attacker; on the restart Elia serves the Word that finds the goal on Sunday: throwing a spoon from outside the area that mocks the goalkeeper and slips at the intersection and brings the result on the 1-2 for the Sorceresses.
After four minutes of recovery comes the triple whistle of the referee.
These three points won at the last breath allow Saviglianese to keep the third place in the standings firmly intact two days from the end.
Next Sunday the patron Brisciano girls will face the Ligurian Olimpic team at 15 between their friends.

Saviglianese: Vassallo, Drago, Tolosano (60'Mandrile / 65 'Casavecchia), Riba, Donadio, Tolupova (45' Mondino), Elia, Parola, Civalleri, Caula. Available: Peak.

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