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Excellent performance even if the same eliminates the Albesi from the Piedmont Cup. At Saglietti in Alba, second commitment for the Soccer Area in the semi-final triangular of the Coppa Piemonte.

After the defeat at Biella, there was little hope of qualifying for the final, but Mister Ferrero and his girls pulled a capital test out of the hat, harnessing all the 90 minutes, the leader of the A group of Excellence.
For months he has been forced to take part in different formations every Sunday due to injuries, Davide Ferrero has today deployed four Juniores who, together with veterans, have behaved well.
Very competitive and not very technical game, played on equal terms by the two teams, but which offered very few emotions.
The first half saw an almost perfect balance, with the Area having an opportunity with Sonnati primed by the immense Martina Gallo, but the young striker, alone in front of the goalkeeper, was recovered by the expert host defense.
At the 41 °, with a favorable rebound at Carrara, the guests risked the advantage.
The recovery was equally balanced, but in the final the Carrara, thanks to a decline of the landlords, took the field despite not creating opportunities to network.
The 0-0 final does not take off, but despite the elimination, the Area draws positive indications for the future.
The 28 April will be back on the field, with the fifth day of the championship, after two days off for the Tournament of the Regions and for the Easter holidays.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Chicco, Musso, Sciolla, Galle ', Ballocco, Giacosa (from 81 ° Giordano), D'Addio Matilde, Gallo, Marchiaro (from 69 ° Pasero), Flou, Bozzoli (from 26 ° Sonnati and from 90 ° Vola). Braggio, Tatani and Ferrero are available. Coach Mr. Davide Ferrero.

USD CARRARA 90 FEMININE: Caravilla, Bonanno, Longo, Gueli, Paire, Poltronieri A., Minniti, Poltronieri M., Cattaneo, Zabellan, Calabrese. Tortia, Garabello, Gandiglio, Ortelli, Carlomagno are available. Ms. Paola Carofalo trainer

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