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Maghe, need the break

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Another black Sunday for the Saviglianese di Parola, on the difficult field of Alessandria, which is increasingly becoming the leader of the B group of excellence.

Under a spring sun Aromano bomber is immediately dangerous for the Maghe at the minute 12 with a nice shot that does not take the right angle and ends just wide.
After an initial start, the Girls of Grammaldo leave the field to the leaders that for the rule of the wrong goal-goal they immediately find, just a minute later, the goal of the 1-0.
Only three minutes pass and the Alexandrian doubling arrives.
Game placed in a safe at 23 minute, when outgoing Vassallo extends the gray striker: precise rigor and result on the 3-0.
Alessandria still dangerous in the first half with a pole, then the teams re-entered the field and Mr. Grammaldo played the first changes: Giacosa and Caula for Donadio and Casavecchia. Despite this, the script does not change: a warning for Civalleri, Bianco tries from the distance without finding luck but it is the leaders who still find the way of scoring at the 15esimo and the 24esimo of the second half, on a perfect punishment from the edge that pierces the innocent Vassallo.
The Sorceresses cannot react to creating play and even the simplest things are wrong.
Tolosano comes out and goes Goletto who has the opportunity to find the goal of the flag at the minute 40 but sends straight to the goalkeeper.
Worth noting is the debut of Tolupova, who took over from Armitano.
Only more time for Zini to enter the field, taking the place of a painful Caula.
The game ends with a heavy defeat for the Sorceresses who are detached in the standings from the winning Borghetto who confirms himself in third place in the group.
Next week the Saviglianese will observe a rest shift; still in the standings the 14 April (Tournament of the Regions) and the 21 April (Easter), in the meantime hoping to recover some important pieces from injuries.

Formation: Vassallo, Riba, Drago, Mondino, Tolosano (75'Goletto), Donadio (46 'Caula, 85' Zini), Elia, Casavecchia (46 'Giacosa), Bianco, Civalleri, Armitano (76'Topulova). Available: Inaudi, Parola. Grammaldo coach

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