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Match without history, too much difference between the two formations, but Musiello hurts himself. That's right, a game without history, too much difference between the two teams, especially in terms of motivation.

If we add that the Area unlocks it immediately, Musiello remains in ten after half an hour and in nine at the beginning of recovery, one can understand how the game ends even before starting.
After four minutes the Area passes, with Flou transforming a punishment that she herself had procured.
The Musiello does not react, rather it gets nervous and the opportunities are all of the Area.
At half an hour the captain of the Musiello Arnaudo leaves the team in ten and at the 43 ° Favole doubles with a crossed right, on a fine cross from Marchiaro.
The second half starts with a right-footed shot by Sciolla that beats an excellent Merlo (49 °) for the third time.
After a shot of Fables that Merlo deviates in a corner kick (51 °), at 57 ° Bongiovanni is expelled for sum of admonitions.
At the 68 ° Flou realizes his personal brace by slipping the far pole flat and at the 75 ° Vola stamps the 5-0 on Giacosa's assist.
After a pile of Vola at the 82 °, following a double triangulation with Sonnati, it is the same that Sonnati closed the scoring at 87 °, again on Giacosa's assist.
Next Sunday the championship will stop "curiously" to make room for the Piedmont Cup and the Football Area will host Renara Saglietti, the battleship Carrara 90, at the top of Group A of Excellence.

FEMALE FOOTBALL AREA: Chicco (from the 77 ° Rainero), Musso, Sciolla, Galle ', Ballocco, Gallo (from the 70 ° Giacosa), Fables (from the 61 ° Sonnati), Giordano, Marchiaro (from the 75 ° Tatani), Pasero, Flou (from the 68 ° fly). Bozzoli available. Coach Mr. Davide Ferrero.

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Merlo, Etzi, Resta, Arnaudo, Garetto, Bongiovanni, Racca, Armando, Michelle, Mastroieni, Busso. S Milanesio, Bellotti, Gallinari arrangement. Coach Mr. Fabio Cani.

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