Monday, May 11 2015
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Nice game, six goals, a pole and many opportunities for the "Rolando girls". Beautiful afternoon that experienced by the Juniores of the Soccer Area who on the ground of Michele Coppino of Alba, annihilated the reworked formation of the Torino Calcio Femminile.

One-way game, commanded for all the ninety minutes, with the guests who fought as desired the spirit of the company, but never found the way to worry Perrone.
Already at the 4 ° the Area goes close to scoring, but Ciriotti does not properly impact the goalkeeper's rebound on a sumptuous Ciravegna shot.
The advantage comes at the 11 ° following a corner action, with Marchiaro finding the corner where Grometto fails to arrive.
Three minutes later, Marchiaro still fishing on the edge of the Navello area, "sombrero" on the defender and left-footed on the fly for the 2-0.
At the 27 ° Ciriotti is the 3-0 with a punishment.
The Taurus fails to react and the Area goes to rest with half a game in his pocket.
At the beginning of the second half (47 °), Ciriotti unloads a right into the goal on which the goalkeeper catches, but the ball slips into the goal, giving the 4-0 in spite of himself.
Ten minutes pass and the Sonnati chair goes up: on a cross from the bottom the control of the 5-0 is excellent.
After a pole picked up at the 60 °, with the ball crossing the entire mirror of the door and extinguishing on the bottom, it is the same Sonnati who closes the right plate markings on the 65 °, making the most of a break and a low level shot from Navello.
Nothing happens anymore and the Area can celebrate with a victory, the last league game in front of its audience.
Next Saturday, the formation of Mister Rolando will close the league away, in Vercelli, facing Piemonte Sport.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Perrone, Lioia (from the 60 ° Guza), Verrua (from the 54 ° Gasparini), Musso, Ciravegna, Marchiaro, Navello (from the 76 ° Prunotto), Accomo, Sonnati (from the 73 ° Pio), D'Addio Matilde, Ciriotti (from 63 ° Taliano). Braggio and Bosco available. Coach Mr. Davide Rolando.

ASD TORINO FEMALE CALCIO: Grometto, Cagnasso, Bonafe ', Buscarino, Ajgoura, Valente, Buronzo, Tesse, Orso, Caveglia, Fernandez. Available Liberti, Roncarolo, Pasteris, Negri. Coach Fulvio Francini.

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