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Non-existent performance of the albesi who surrender 3-0 without ever entering the game.
It was the game of life ... unfortunately it was only for the Alexandria that dominated the area throughout the match.

After a first half in which the Alexandria has made the tests of victory, hitting a crossbar at the 6 ° and creating some apprehension to the host defense, in the second half the blacks took the lead to the 49 ° on a penalty kick, they doubled to 58 °, header on corner and closed the game to 83 °, with a shot from sidereal distance and thanks to an error in disengagement of the Area.
And the area? Not received ... the team took to the field seemed frightened, lost and the changes made by Mister Ferrero did not bring benefit. Only after the 2-0 did the team try to react and play ball on the ground, without ever ever going to worry about the Alexandrine rearguard.
Sunday the championship stops to give space to the cup and the Area will visit the Biellese, another team in amazing shape that has conquered the top of the ranking of its group and if the Area will be that of today, it will be a new Sunday of passion !

ACF ALESSANDRIA: Fara, Mensi, Lardo, Marigonda, Porcella, Luison, Bergaglia, Di Stefano, Garavelli, Barbesino, Minato. Tascheri, Cossu, Coppo, Delio, Zanarotto are available. Coach Mr. Gianluca Barbesino.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Chicco, Favole (from 70 ° Matilde D'Addio), Marchiaro (from 67 ° Galle '), Musso, Ballocco, Giacosa (from 47 ° Giordano), Ferrero (from 65 ° Sciolla), Bozzoli, Pasero, Flou (from 83 ° Fly). Rainero and Tatani are available. Mr. Davide Ferrero coach.

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