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The aggressive first half of the grenade addresses the challenge. Nothing to do for the area that despite the generosity and commitment shown, can not hurt Turin, even undergoes for the entire first fraction the pressing and suffocating pressing of the shell.

Rolando's girls try it, but the Taurus does not make them reason and forces them to make a mistake in disengagement. The first goal at the 10 ° was born from a wrong ball at the exit, thanks to a nonexistent penalty kick, granted by the touch of a hand, but with the player of the Area with the arms attached to the body.
The area continues to suffer aggression grenade and capitulates for the second time at 31 °; still light in disengagement, lob on Perrone out, cross and tap-in winning.
In the second part of the game Mister Rolando tries to change something, the Toro decreases the competitive fury and the Area manages to play with the times more suited to its characteristics. The game is more pleasant and flows with more fluidity, the area shows itself more in the attack phase, but real opportunities not even the shadow. Despite the albesi have distanced themselves, at 72 ° the umpteenth error in exit costs the 0-3 that closes the challenge.
Next Saturday the Area will visit the Pinerolo, to support the umpteenth exam of the season.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Perrone, Lioia (from 66 ° Gasparini), Verrua, Musso, Ciravegna, Marchiaro, Navello (from 86 ° Pio), Accomo, Sonnati (from 78 ° Taliano), Matilde D'Addio (from 46 ° Michela D'Addio) , Ciriotti. Available to Braggio, Bosco, Guza, Prunotto. Trainer Mr. Davide Rolando.

TORINO FC: De Filippo, Apuzzo, Coluccio, Banchero, Dogliotti, Boccardo, Boasso, Angrisano, Schirru, Bianco, Iuliano. Spadin, Marguati, Zofrea, Priotti, Pomati, Carnino, Molinar Min, Grasso, Pinna are available. Coach Ms Tatiana Zorri.

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