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Four goals in the second half condemn Saviglianese, in the first round of the Piedmont Cup. It starts again after the Christmas break, this year a bit 'long, due to bad weather.

After a beginning of study, all'8 ° captain Gallo to test the reactivity of Vassallo, with a coach from outside the area that the goalkeeper deflects in the corner.
At 27 ° Ferrero retrieves a great ball and kicks without hesitation, yet Vassallo puts a piece, ball on the pole and Flou does not find the door in precarious balance.
At 35 ° the opportunity is for the Maghe, a filter ball for Civalleri that alone in front of Chicco touches the post.
In the second half the Area breaks the delay and goes repetition.
At 53 ° Gallo finds Pasero who gives the home owner the lead.
The Saviglianese look for a draw, but it turns out and a fast restart of Gallo and Pasero puts in the Flou condition to beat the net, but a bad rebound betrays the area bomber who kicks out.
The 2-0 is not long in coming. Punishment of Musso on the far post, Pasero arrives with the head beating Vassallo again, at the 63 °.
A minute passes and Flou receives in the area, control and surgical left for the 3-0.
The Saviglianese, lost for lost, tries to shorten, but the area is never at risk, indeed at the 72 ° Flou still forces the goalkeeper in the corner, turning a nice assist of Pasero.
The curtain falls on the 88 ° match; Pasero is still in evidence, ball for Tatani and veil to favor Flou which, for the fourth time, makes Vassallo dry.
Despite the injuries and the condition still to be perfected, the Area beats a blow and proves to be there for the Cup.
We salute with pride the good returns to active football for two athletes of great perspective: Miriam Favole and Annalisa Galle '.

FEMALE FOOTBALL AREA: Chicco, Musso, Sciolla, Galle '(from 48 ° Matilde D'Addio), Ballocco (from 79 ° Verrua), Gallo, Favole (from 48 ° Ciravegna), Ferrero (from 70 ° Vola), Bozzoli (from 86 ° Tatani), Pasero, Flou. Available Perrone, Taliano. Mr. Davide Ferrero coach.

SAVIGLIANESE 1919 FEMALE SOCCER: Vassallo, Drago, Tolosano, Mandrile, Mondino, Peak, Elias, Word, White, Civalleri, Armitano. Available to Zini, Casavecchia, Caula, Beccaria, Riba, Sordello. Coach Mr. Antonio Grammaldo.

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