Thursday, 6th October 2016
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The girls of Rolando and Gavarino win a complicated match with Piemonte Sport and rise to third place in solitary, mid-season.
The recovery of the 9 round of the championship leads to the Football Area a victory for 3-0 on Piedmont Sport and as a Christmas present, the third place alone.

The Alba girls, yesterday with the black uniform designed by Santero 958, start immediately strong and close the guests in their midfield, while not creating clamorous occasions, apart from a few shots and some crosses that do not worry the attentive Vercelli goalkeeper.
The Piemonte Sport can be seen at half an hour, with a shot that touches the post, on the wrong area disengagement.
Scare at 35 ° for Captain Musso who must leave the field due to difficulty breathing, accentuated by the bitter cold. After a good ten minutes of suspension, the game resumed, but the first half ends in the net.
At the beginning of the recovery the turning point. At the 50 ° he unlocks Sonnati at the suggestion of an excellent Taliano. Three minutes later, Ciravegna slalom among the opponents can still serve Sonnati who has no problems to double.
The double advantage galvanizes the landlords and the 62 °, an irrepressible Matilde D'Addio is mowed in the penalty area; penalty transformed by Verrua.
The game remains pleasant despite the freezing of the evening, but real occasions are no longer recorded, apart from a penalty of Piedmont Sport all'89 ° that captures the top of the crossbar.
Ending a round of considerable thickness for the Junior Soccer Area: the 16 points in the standings are worth the provisional third place, four distances from the leaders Torino FC and one from the Feminine Juventus.
After the Christmas break, the Juniores Championship will resume the 26 January 2019, with the match on the field of the Fossano Women of the former Mister Morengo, training in net growth.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Braggio, Bosco (from 60 ° Ciriotti), Verrua, Musso (from 35 ° Lioia), Ciravegna (from 65 ° Michela D'Addio), Gasparini, Taliano, Accomo, Sonnati (from 67 ° Pio), Matilde D'Addio ( from the 64 ° Marchiaro), Navello. Perrone and Prunotto are available. Coach Davide Rolando and Carola Gavarino.

ASD PIEMONTE SPORT 1963: Limardi, Ragazzoni, Amato, Vaccarone, Landi, Abbsi, Bilotta, Berzero, Gogna, Dondolin, Codegoni. Available Bosso and Bouqsim. Coach Ms Evelin Gulotta.

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