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Olimpic 1971 - Saviglianese

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Olimpic 1971 - Saviglianese 1-13
Long trip to the Saviglianese that does not want to lose the pace and takes the Ligurian camp of the Olimpic 1971 in Genoa.

The rossoblu of Mr. Grammaldo, take immediately measures and after just 6 minutes the usual Armitano opens the markings, 1-0. From the beginning it is a one-way match where the Maghe attack with insistence and at 12 'find the doubling with the first goal of Casavecchia season that with the exterior mockery the goalkeeper. Other opportunities for Picco on a free kick and parade with Casavecchia that pulls just wide. Casavecchia herself is more fortunate at 29 'when she scores the goal of 3-0 and soon after, at 30', when she places the 4-0 ball on the net, thus signing her own hat-trick. The landlords go into the ball and there is just time to resume the game that finally unlocks even Sordello (morning matrix) that bags a passage in the area of ​​Armitano, 5-0. Riding this positive wave, Word and companions, they do not seem to want to stop and in fact the 35 'Armitano on personal action still exceeds the goalkeeper, 6-0. A few minutes later, Sordello also found his personal one-man lead, bringing one of the rossoblu to the 37 '. There is still time for a cross from Civalleri on a good shot from distance and the first half closes on the result of 7-0.
The teams are back in the field, a couple of changes for the Saviglianese but the music does not change.
The Maghe slow down but the quarter-hour find the previous rhythm and a punishment of Peak deviated by an opponent defender find the goal of 8-0. The visiting team continues to attack and not much passes that Sordello at 24 'signs his personal hat-trick with a deflected shot that mocks the Ligurian goalkeeper, 9-0. Not even the time to celebrate that at 25 'the usual Sordello is still dangerous after a good choral action, his shot is rejected but Goletto is ready and signed the network of 10-0. The Saviglianese then begins to give up a bit 'and the opponents are dangerous in a couple of occasions on which Zini is still found ready, but the third attempt helped by a defensive deviation find the flag goal, 10-1. The Maghe do not take it well and they wake up for a final sprint in which Armitano signs two other nets at 36 'and 37' taking the podium of the company's top scorers, 12-1. Before the end there is still time for the personal poker also of the tireless Sordello that brings the result on the definitive 13-1.

Saviglianese: Zini, Mondino, Peak, Dragon (67 'Beccaria), Inaudi (47' Tolosano), Word, Civalleri, Mandrile (48 'Goletto), Sordello, Casavecchia (77' Elia), Armitano. Available: Riba. Coach: Grammaldo

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Enrico Manassero
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