Friday, November 15 2019
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Fossano Women wins at home against Pinerolo

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Positive day for the Fossano Women on all three fronts: Primi Calci, Mixed Beginners and Juniores.


Great achievement of the Juniores that at the Stadio Angelo Pochissimo conquers three gold points with the Pinerolo, training that sailed in the high areas of the standings.
The girls of Morengo are strong, very close to scoring after just fifteen minutes with Bruno and Clavario.
The network is not long in coming: launch of Alberti for Bruno, the number eleven blue speeding in his direct opponent and puts Abico (20 ').
The Pinerolo is shaken and at 22 'comes to a draw with Chiavia.
The Fossano Women tries to start again with the usual Bruno, but at the 45 'it suffers the doubling of the Torinese with Battaglia, on penalty, decreed for a handball.
In the second half Landra and companions to dictate the times to the match with the guests appeared duller than the forty-five minutes initial.
It immediately puts in evidence Marinelli, the attacker of the house sends the defender empty and to you with Abico kicks centrally.
Then it is Mellano who gets into the chair in midfield while Filiputti, Bruno and Marinelli keep the rearguard in Turin apprehensive.
The landlords pushed on the accelerator and after hitting a pole with Clavario at the 75 ', within two minutes they scored the knockout blow.
First is Mellano to realize the goal of the momentary draw with a fireball on punishment, on which nothing can do the extreme defender of Pinerolo (82 ') and then Bruno is a perfect assist of Marinelli to overturn the result by literally exploding the bench .
The Pinerolo does not have the strength to react and it is still the blue to go again near the goal with Bruno and Mellano.
In the four minutes of recovery practically nothing happens and at the final whistle the Fossano Women celebrates the deserved victory.

Fossano Women: Evening, Biga, Fechino, Landra, Alberti, Herald, Branca (65 'Filiputti), Mellano, Marinelli, Clavario, Bruno. Available: Pettiti, Martinasso M., Guzzo, Martinasso N., Lovera, Flores. Coach: Enrico Morengo


Excellent performance of small cars led by Silvio Picco and Romina Cuniberti protagonists in the grouping of Cuneo that saw them opposed all'Olmo, Benese and Monregale.
A sign for the blue Angelica Vallauri and the newly arrived Luisana Biondini.

Fossano Women: Boutarkha, Cecconi, Vallauri, Peak D., Peak G., Carta, Bergerone, Casella, Rosselli, Biondini, Restuccia, Trainers: Silvio Picco - Romina Cuniberti


The girls of Rocco Vitale who are involved in away games have also given the hosts of Atletico Racconigi a hard time.
Closed the first time at a disadvantage (1-0), in the remaining partial the Fossano keep the owners under pressure by fixing the score on the 0-0 and 1-1 (Martina Dematteis network).

Fossano Women: Petre, Tomatis, Ghigo, Gonella, Dematteis, Robbione, Vitale, Demichelis, Caselli, Albertengo, Restagno, Chhaiba. Coach: Rocco Vitale

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