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The girls of Rolando and Gavarino play an amazing game and in the final miss the goal of success in more than one occasion. It served a performance over the top to be able to hope to worry about one of the strongest formations of the championship and the Junior Soccer Area this performance has offered. A match played with heart, grit, determination, but also showing how to play football and also very well.

At the "Michele Coppino" of Alba, under a heavy rain and uninterrupted, the Area had in front of him the team that in the last two seasons had always beaten it and that with the Torino FC it is credited with the predictions of final victory.
Game blocked in the first part of the race, no chance and the feeling that only a mistake could change things. And it was not a mistake, but an injury of an Area defender who slipped on the ball allowed a cross for the Pinerolo striker, good to overcome Perrone with a lob at the 22 °.
The Area is good not to be discouraged, risking to suffer the boat, typical when dealing with squadrons of the kind; the girls clench their teeth and are rewarded at the 44 °, with Sonnati who wins a rebound and faster than the opponents, beats the goalkeeper out, re-establishing parity.
At the 47 ° the Area doubles: Navello ranks away on the right-hand side and center, the defense rejects short and Michela D'Addio at the limit, controls the ball and puts it in the seven, where the goalkeeper can not reach.
The Pinerolo equalized seven minutes later with a great shot from outside the area at the back of the pole.
With thirty-five minutes still to play the game is inflamed, the teams try it insistently and touch the goal on more than one occasion, even if the best captain on the feet of the landlord.
The 2-2 no longer changes despite an incandescent final with a few too many fouls, until the final whistle of the race director.
Next Saturday the Soccer Area will observe a rest and within fifteen days will be the Novese to challenge the girls of Rolando-Gavarino, always at "Michele Coppino" of Alba.

ASD FEMMINUTE SOCCER AREA: Perrone, Lioia, Verrua, Musso (from 73 ° Gasparini), Ciravegna, Marchiaro (from 87 ° Bosco), Navello, Accomo, Sonnati, Michela D'Addio (from 60 ° Matilde D'Addio), Taliano (from 55 ° Ciriotti). Aversa and Pio are available. Trainer Mr. Davide Rolando.

FCD PINEROLO: Boaglio, Ascoli, Paira, Aimetti, Gaido, Margaretor, De Maria, Lippolis, Leccese, Culasso, Barbui. Available Chiantore, Chiavia, Di Natale, Negri, Blanchetti, Abico. Coach Ms Ilaria Borri.

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