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Despite the result of 4-0, albesi well in the game for at least seventy minutes.
The Soccer Area returns from Turin with a negative result, but the performance offered by Davide Rolando's team, even today very well assisted by Carola Gavarino, has been remarkable.

The Azzurri have harnessed the well-known Torino FC for seventy good minutes, falling only in the final after the second goal suffered.
The script of the game saw the landlords push immediately on the accelerator and the guests defend themselves with order, without ever giving up playing the ball from the defense; this situation has brought few opportunities from the network.
The game is unlocked, however, at the 29 ° due to an unfortunate owner.
On the end of the time the Area has the possibility of a draw, but the girls do not take advantage of an error of the local goalkeeper who does not hold the ball, the defense in trouble brings a piece.
The second half reflects the first, up to the gross misunderstanding, between the goalkeeper and a player who even if the lead does not mean, allowing the goal of doubling the ex-White mocking at the 65 °.
The Area lost a bit 'measures and grants the third goal, spoiled by a suspicious hand control, but excellent in the execution of the shot from outside the box.
At the 85 ° the fourth goal for Torino comes, still with Bianco.
Next Saturday, another prohibitive commitment for the area that will host the very strong Pinerolo, at Michele Coppino in Alba.

TORINO FC: De Filippo, Priotti, Apuzzo, Banchero, Coluccio, Boccardo, Boasso, Iuliano, Schirru, Bianco, Grasso. At the disposal of Magonaro, Marguati, Fortini, Dogliotti, Spadin, Molinar, Pomati, Zofrea, Carnino. Coach Ms Tatiana Zorri.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Perrone, Lioia, Verrua, Musso, Ciravegna, Bosco (from 46 ° Marchiaro), Taliano (from 46 ° D'Addio Michela and from 79 ° Pio), Accomo, Sonnati (from 80 ° Aversa), D'Addio Matilde, Navello. Trainer Mr. Davide Rolando.

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