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The Feminine Juventus passes 1-2 to Alba, but the landlords deserved at least the draw.
Here comes the first defeat for the Soccer Area in the Juniores championship, and it is a defeat that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. La Femminile Juventus is a tough and expert team that cynically punishes the smudges of the team of Mister Rolando, even today well supported by Carola Gavarino.

The game has always been in the hands of the landlords who compared to other occasions, have made less concrete balls created.
In the first half there are two conclusions of Matilde D'Addio, the first at the 18 ° foiled in the corner by the goalkeeper, the second that shaves the pole (43 °). In the middle the bianconero goal (36 °), the result of a collective inattention.
The second half is more lively, the Area increases the pressure in search of the same, Juventus on the counterattack nearly doubling. At the 68 ° arrives the same with Accomo, good to insert and divert a Navello's low cross by anticipating the goalkeeper on the near post. The Area tries to win the game and goes close with Sonnati who controls and left the crossbar at the 75 °. Three minutes later, however, comes the cold shower, general amnesia, Perrone smanaccia a touch of the outside, but nothing can on the winning tap-in of the Juventus striker, only in the area. The girls at home try to the end, but the game ends with the victory of Turin.
Despite the games do not always go as you wish, congratulations anyway to all the girls for the commitment and determination lavished. Saturday 28 October the Area will visit Torino FC; one of those prohibitive games, given the caliber of the landlords, but we will try the same to be protagonists.

FEMALE FOOTBALL AREA: Perrone, Lioia (from 74 ° Prunotto), Verrua, Musso, Ciravegna, Marchiaro, D'Addio Matilde, Accomo, Sonnati, D'Addio Michela (from 65 ° Bosco), Navello. Aversa and Pio are available. Trainer Mr. Davide Rolando.

FEMININE JUVENTUS TORINO: Verzino, Scarabello, Spaggiari, Fasella, Malaspina, Bodini, Toson, Mantello, Petrilli, Korea, Gaza. Available Greek, Macellano, Azer, Nepote, Nicolò. Mr. Peppino Barbierato's trainer.

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