Saturday, November 16 2019
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Victory in comeback for the Alba girls who overturn the result in the final.
Great victory for the Football Area that had never defeated the Luserna. A victory came at the end of a balanced and fought match, in which the guests had to resort to pride and heart to be able to check it out.

The girls of Rolando and Gavarino start well and create a couple of occasions with Ciriotti and Navello, at 14 ° and 20 °, but the home defense is saved.
At the 23 ° passes the Luserna with a goal in net offside, not detected by the race director.
The landlords take courage and are preferred for play and order.
At 45 ° still a good opportunity for the Area, but Sonnati can not finalize.
After the interval, the Area returns to the more balanced field and with the help of the bench, overturns the result in three minutes, after a beautiful slalom of Michela D'Addio with ball out (65 °) and a turn, just above the crossbar, by Marchiaro, on a corner kick (78 °). It is the prelude of the draw that comes a minute later; Sonnati is dismissed by the goalkeeper, but is good to put the ball back to the center where the tap-in of Taliano gives the draw.
At XNXX ° the Area passes again with Matilde D'Addio, very good at exploiting the veil of Sonnati and beating the goalkeeper out.
In the recovery, Prunotto fails what he had done to D'Addio shortly before and the game ends 1-2.
The Area does not repeat the performance seven days ago, but still tears the three points to a Luserna that has aroused great impression and that will surely grow in the remainder of the tournament.
Next Saturday will be the Feminine Juventus to visit the Football Area, for a game that promises to be interesting.

SAN BERNARDO LUSERNA CF: Calabrese, Rullo, Turrini, Vignanello, Marchino, Fionda, Bergo, Pecoraro, Medici, Casetta, Botta. Available D'Antuono, Canzoneri, Baccino, Scrivano. Coach Mr. Giuseppe Acconcia.

FEMALE FOOTBALL AREA: Perrone, Lioia, Verrua, Musso (from 61 ° Accomo), Ciravegna, Marchiaro, Navello, Matilde D'Addio, Sonnati (from 87 ° Prunotto), Michela D'Addio (from 75 ° Bosco), Ciriotti (from 55 ° Taliano). Aversa and Pio are available. Trainer Mr. Davide Rolando.

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