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Seven goals scored at the Futura Langhe, but how much suffering in the first half! Other goal scorer of the Area; this time to Michele Coppino of Alba, the victim was the Futura Langhe who, to be honest, has severely committed the Albisola in the first fraction of the game, going ahead after nine minutes with Capurro, good at exploiting a pasticciaccio of home defense and to thread Chicco with a nice lob from the distance.

The girls led by Davide Ferrero, immediately the goal in the cold, try to regroup and reach the tie 17 minute with Pasero on the cross of Bozzoli. Three minutes later comes the Area advantage, thanks to Ferrero who turns a goal into a loose ball, on a free kick by Giordano.
At the 30 ° Flou hits the full crossbar, flying a corner of Pasero and the 45 ° Bozzoli, in personal action, touches the post, effectively closing the first fraction.
In the interval Mr. Ferrero changes something and in the second half, thanks to the decline of the Futura, the girls find the continuity of the goal with more continuity.
At the 55 ° finally goes to sign Bozzoli which reiterates in the network a wave of Gallo, deflected on the crossbar by the goalkeeper.
At the 63 ° goes to sign Giordano that uses a corner of Pasero and three minutes later grants the encore, masterfully kicking a free-kick on the second pole that slips right into the seven. A Eurogol!
At the 70 ° Ferrero achieved the sixth goal (personal double as Giordano), with a nice shot from outside the 78 and 7 arrives 1 final with Rizzo that uses a deep ball of Flou, to beat the goalkeeper out.
At the end of the game Mister Ferrero's comment: "Despite the step back from seven days ago, perhaps due to reasons of motivation, we take away three important points and a good second half.Much useful was the initial slap of the goal that hosted changed the inertia of the match ".
Next Sunday the Area will visit the Musiello Saluzzo, a team with results that are still erratic, but certainly one of the favorites for the victory of the group.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Chicco (from 78 ° Rainero), Rizzo, Musso (from 66 ° Sciolla), Giraudo, Ballocco, Gallo (from 70 ° Giacosa), Bozzoli, Giordano, Flou, Pasero (from 70 ° Rotella), Ferrero (from 75 ° Federico ). Available by D'Addio Matilde, D'Addio Michela, Tatani. Mr. Davide Ferrero's trainer.

ASD FUTURA LANGHE: Money, Riberi, Maganza, Lovera, Rinaldi, Pacchiotti, Capurro, Vario, Pelosi, Casetta, Pisu. Available to Riberi, Marzouk, Tonella and Isaia. Coach Ms Sonia Bertoloni.

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