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Yes, the Futura Langhe leaves the series C championship after a season that has seen us overcome obstacles and, not only, of all kinds.

We were silent, focused, capitalizing on experiences that a normal female football club would have had time to mature with a few more seasons.
We started with the recovery of a football gap on the Alba with the sole intent of playing football.
We just wanted to play football, create a team and have fun ... Somewhere you can start with amateurs.
Voilà and in a single season we are in series C and certain results if not supported by some company experience are detrimental.
Thunder of the souls of those who can not play but rise to savior paladin, they add little sporting interference with the promise of seas and mountains and here we realize that perhaps something has not been understood (see Luserna and Novese).
It is rebuilt uphill. At the last moment we find ourselves without a team and with a regulatory gap on the management and regulation of relationships, which are to be clarified at least in January, since there is a lack of coherence and correctness sometimes on one side sometimes on the other. We have heard of every kind.

We find a precious help, which we thank again now, but with the incomprehensible claim to become or be the owner of the situation ... we did not understand each other?
We do the team, but every coach is already engaged, on paper there is but in the field is a debacle.
And then it goes on finally, finding only a certain balance in the second round, but it's late.
Maybe not, it's not.
It's just right.
We have formed a team that, despite suffering, has managed not to give up, game after game. We shared and supported a project that was born in the running with hitches and turns of the last hour.
Today we recognize and thank for the precious contribution that every girl has given and for the smile and the joy that has been able to keep in difficulty even when it burned the heart, because losing does not please anyone.
Girls who, like raw diamonds, will learn to shine with their own light and the desire to grow. Do not lose your joy of life and the passion that accompanied you up here.
Thanks again to every one of you girls!
See you next season. Sara Dura e Divertente, but we will be there. In our own way, but we will be there.
"We must not fear defeat, but have no other opportunities" (Eleonora Pelosi)



Enrico Manassero
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