Monday, 17th October 2016
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The blue ones win for 4-0 at Arquata Scrivia. In a breezy, but very hot afternoon, on a very hard ground, the Soccer Area passes largely on the home whites, but has favor in some situations that could shift the balance.

Slow start and teams worried by the heat. The first opportunity is the Borghetto: punishment in the middle of the area, the ball that rebounds and bypasses Chicco, bouncing on the top of the crossbar (10 °). At 16 ° White shoots from the edge and commits the goalkeeper, forced into the corner. A minute later the Area passes with Bozzoli, good to be found on the
second pole and a perfect Martinatto cross on goal. At the 25 ° Giraudo tries to head, but his turn is central, while two minutes later, Chicco is perfect in the exit, managing to deflect the opponent's shot. Martinatto's beautiful ball for Ferrero at the 33 °, the guest striker turns and finishes the middle.
At the 37 ° the Borghetto tries on a free kick, with Gandini catching the crossbar and Chicco blocks the ball rejected. Many times a goal wrong matches the goal immediately and it is so this time too: perfect ball of Bozzoli for Martinatto (the sides are reversed) that does not miss the lob, on the goalkeeper out.
The first half ends 0-2 and at the restart the Borghetto fails the 1-2, with an action similar to doubling the Area. At the 57 ° first substitution, with Ballocco taking over Ferrero.
At the 63 ° the Area triples with White who shoots a free kick, on which everyone goes, but no one touches and the ball slips into the goal. Bosco takes over Giraudo (65 °) and D'Addio Michela (69 °) replaces Bianco, leading to six girls in the Juniores Area, in the field with the first team, this afternoon. The game starts slowly at the epilogue, but there is still room for a pearl, per minute 86: perfect launch of D'Addio for Martinatto who certifies the 0-4, with another lob.
Congratulations to the two teams that have played without sparing, despite the heat, but allow us a special praise to a player of higher category: Deborah Martinatto. Chapeau!
Next Sunday to Renzo Saglietti of Alba, the second Biellese will arrive in the ranking, for a match that promises to be fought as of now.

BORGHETTO BORBERA FG: Bruzzese, Sansebastiano, Travaglini, Robbiano, Pinasco, Roveda, Gandini, Lupi, Porrata, Fossati, Roncoli. Available Votta, Calabro ', Dameri, Dabusti. Coach Mr. Paolo Augusto Bisio.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Chicco, Musso, Favole, Accomo, Giraudo (from 65 ° Bosco), Murialdo, Ferrero (from 57 ° Ballocco), Banchero, Bozzoli, Martinatto, Bianco (from 69 ° D'Addio Michela). Available to Brullo, Abrate, Rivetti, Flou. Coach Mr. Luciano Borra.

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