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The yellow-blacks, ahead of Flou, suffer first the same and then the overtaking of the Turinese; Ferrero grabs the definitive 2-2 just a few minutes from the end.

It was not an exciting game from the point of view of the game, but agonistically fought (perhaps too much) by the two teams that have not spared anything. As usual the departure of the Area is with the handbrake pulled and for about ten minutes the Carrara closes the landlord in his own half; but then the Albino take courage and begin to play, taking the lead at 22 ° with Flou, ready to deflect a nice cross shot from Martinatto on the net, able to free himself and leave the right side. Two minutes before, Martinatto had always freed, face to face with the goalkeeper Bozzoli, who however had weakly kicked allowing the opposing defense to save himself. The inertia of the match seems to hang on the side of Alba, but at the 27 ° comes the cold shower: harmless punishment from three quarters, defensive lightness, Felicia thanks and draws.
Do not spend a minute and Martinatto with a cross shot hits the post, the ball returns to the field and the goalkeeper finds it in his arms. The first half offers nothing else, just a lot of good will and zero opportunities.
In the second half the game becomes hot, some entry too rough, a bit of nervousness and fatigue, are the masters. The Carrara takes the lead, on a penalty kick converted by Poltronieri, to the 56 °; begins the waltz of substitutions and the game is dragging towards its epilogue, but five minutes from the end, in a contrast of ... game, Fables (pictured) falls ruinously on the ground beating his back; game suspended for about forty minutes to allow the ambulance to arrive, provide initial care and transport the young player of the Area to the emergency room. Between polemics and accusations, there is still time for a draw from Alba on a penalty kick transformed by Ferrero and the expulsion of two girls from Carrara, for protests. Favole fortunately is responding to health care and we hope so
can resume as soon as possible.
On Sunday, the Area will be on show in that of Ivrea, in a meeting that we certainly expect to be demanding.

FEMALE ASD FOOTBALL AREA: Brullo, Ballocco, Graglia (from 50 ° Fables and from 86 ° D'Addio), Rivetti, Leone, Murialdo (from 65 ° Banchero), Bianco (from 56 ° Ferrero), Abrate, Bozzoli, Martinatto, Flou (from 72 ° Accomo). Available: Chicco and Giraudo.

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