Futura Langhe - Pinerolo

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What about a game that after 11 minutes was already on the 0-3, burning start of the Pinerolo against a very young formation is not without some interesting individualities.

According to the humble opinion of the writer, the Futura Langhe played with a defense too high to be able to counteract the speed of offensive exteriors and verticalizations of the midfielders of Pinerolo. The rest of the first half sees scoring seven goals and you get the double whistle on the result of 0-10, result that will no longer change in the second half, where the visiting team mainly seeks the game more than the way of the goal.
Pinwheel of substitutions on both sides and at the 90 ° final whistle without recovery. Next Sunday in Pinerolo will visit the first of the class, the Football Area, will certainly be an interesting game and as they say: "win the best".

Markers: Giraudo (3) - Favole A. and Graziotto D. (2) - Natale, Gilli and Paoletti (1).

FUTURA LANGHE: Caviola E. - Caviola E. - Count M. - Landra A. - Bertone C. - Pacchiotti C. - Alberti M. - Pelosi E. - Calamari M. - Sordello C. - Costiug A. Available: Serale E. - Marinelli M.Grazia - Rinaldi M. - Finocchiaro F. - Biga V. All .: Dho Paolo

PINEROLO: Triolo G. - Favole S. - Del Gaudio E. - Basta T. - Gilli G. - Rubioglio T. - Giraudo B. - Christmas A. - Paoletti E. - Favole A. - Graziotto D. A disp .: Solito F. - Olivero E. - Cardone A. - Favaro C. - Gentile A. - Drammis A. All .: Roberto Panigari

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