Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Borghetto Borbera - Biellese

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Borghetto girl 2016 2017

When you least expect it, the girls of Borghetto find the performance to be framed. It happened on Sunday in the municipal Cabella, where the "Girls" at home played an excellent match against Biella, a tough opponent, who came from seven consecutive useful results and absolutely willing to reach the top of the championship standings C series. As often happens, when you take the opponent subcontracted, the Biellese who already anticipated the victory, however, found themselves in great difficulty in front of a cohesive team.
In the first part of the race the Biellese had already scored two goals and, only the skill of their goalkeeper, has not made the passive heavier.
At the tenth minute of play, the Girls take the lead with Pastorino who makes the most of a pass by Lupi, at the 25mo is Lupi to kick a safe shot, but the goalkeeper Biellese stretches with his feet and deviates in the corner, the 30mo still Pastorino, served by Fossati juggles well in the area, but the shot comes out, albeit slightly. At 38mo punishment at the edge of the area, kicked by Robbiano, the shot is touched imperceptibly by a Biellese defender, the little that puts out the innocent goalkeeper, and sticks to the provisional 2-0.
At 40mo still in evidence the goalkeeper of the sheaths, on the strong shot of Fossati intended to remove the cobwebs from the intersection, he performs in a spectacular parade.
An angry biella coach, in the last 5 minutes of the game replaces 4 players, almost wanting to break the pressure of the valborberine.
In the second half Biella comes into the field with more determination, and at the 65mo come to the goal on a corner, the fastest is their striker who makes the network in the slip that halves the disadvantage.
Attacking in a disordered and individual way, the guests open gates for the girls of Borghetto who have twice been able to put their tips alone in front of the goalkeeper, but both Pastorino and Robbiano, waste the opportunity to finally close the meeting. But on this day, the valborberino midfield with Roncoli, Lupi and Pinasco is truly unsurpassed, and you get to the final whistle without too many jolts.
According to the ranking, this year the Borghetto is safe and two days in advance.

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Enrico Manassero
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